Sydney First Grade 1997/98

04 Oct 1997  Bankstown v Sydney University Bankstown Oval, Sydney misc180743
04 Oct 1997  Campbelltown v UTS-Balmain Raby Oval No 1, Sydney misc180744
04 Oct 1997  Northern District v University of New South Wales Waitara Oval, Sydney misc180745
04 Oct 1997  St George v Randwick Hurstville Oval, Sydney misc180746
05 Oct 1997  Northern District v Gordon Waitara Oval, Sydney misc180749
05 Oct 1997  Sydney University v Sutherland University Oval, Sydney misc841103
06 Oct 1997  Bankstown v North Sydney Bankstown Oval, Sydney misc180747
06 Oct 1997  Hawkesbury v Campbelltown Benson's Lane, Hawkesbury misc180748
11 Oct 1997  Campbelltown v Parramatta Raby Oval No 1, Sydney misc841104
12 Oct 1997  Northern District v UTS-Balmain Waitara Oval, Sydney misc841105
18 Oct 1997  Bankstown v Northern District Bankstown Oval, Sydney misc180750
18 Oct 1997  Campbelltown v Fairfield Raby Oval No 1, Sydney misc841106
18 Oct 1997  Gordon v St George Killara Oval, Sydney misc180751
01 Nov 1997  Eastern Suburbs v Campbelltown Waverley Oval, Sydney misc841107
01 Nov 1997  Northern District v Sutherland Waitara Oval, Sydney misc841108
02 Nov 1997  Campbelltown v Petersham Raby Oval No 1, Sydney misc841109
02 Nov 1997  Northern District v Fairfield Waitara Oval, Sydney misc841110
15 Nov 1997  Campbelltown v North Sydney Raby Oval No 1, Sydney misc841111
15 Nov 1997  Northern District v St George Waitara Oval, Sydney misc841112
16 Nov 1997  Bankstown v Campbelltown Woodville Oval, Adelaide misc841113
23 Nov 1997  Bankstown v Randwick Bankstown Oval, Sydney misc180752
29 Nov 1997  Petersham v Northern District Petersham Oval, Sydney misc841118
29 Nov 1997  University of New South Wales v Campbelltown Village Green, Sydney misc841114
30 Nov 1997  Bankstown v Mosman Bankstown Oval, Sydney misc180753
13 Dec 1997  Bankstown v Sutherland Bankstown Oval, Sydney misc841115
13 Dec 1997  Campbelltown v Manly Raby Oval No 1, Sydney misc841116
13 Dec 1997  Penrith v Northern District Howell Oval, Sydney misc841117
03 Jan 1998  Gordon v Campbelltown Chatswood Oval, Sydney misc841119
17 Jan 1998  Campbelltown v St George Raby Oval No 1, Sydney misc841120
24 Jan 1998  Randwick v Campbelltown Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney misc841121
31 Jan 1998  Campbelltown v Sutherland Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney misc841122
07 Feb 1998  Mosman v Campbelltown Allan Border Oval, Sydney misc841123
07 Feb 1998  Northern District v Hawkesbury Waitara Oval, Sydney misc841124
21 Feb 1998  Campbelltown v Penrith Raby Oval No 1, Sydney misc841125
21 Feb 1998  Manly v Northern District Manly Oval, Sydney misc841126
07 Mar 1998  Northern District v Campbelltown Waitara Oval, Sydney misc841127
07 Mar 1998  University of New South Wales v Bankstown Village Green, Sydney misc841128
21 Mar 1998  Parramatta v Bankstown Old King's Oval, Sydney misc841129
21 Mar 1998  Sydney University v Campbelltown University Oval, Sydney misc841130
21 Mar 1998  Western Suburbs v Northern District Pratten Park, Ashfield, Sydney misc841131
28 Mar 1998  Bankstown v Sutherland Bankstown Oval, Sydney misc180754





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