Evening Standard Challenge Trophy 1996

09 Jun 1996 First Round#Amersham v Camberley not known misc456311
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Aztecs v Hayes not known misc456318
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Banstead v Brentwood not known misc456356
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Barnet v Dorking not known misc456373
09 Jun 1996 First RoundBasingstoke v Berkhamsted no ground arranged misc456367a
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Bexley v Shepherds Bush not known misc456340
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Blackheath v Bickley Park not known misc456357
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Boyne Hill v North Mymms not known misc456350
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Brentham v Ashford not known misc456364
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Bromley v Acton not known misc456349
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Brondesbury v Wycombe House not known misc456335
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Cheam v Barnes not known misc456334
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Cheshunt v Chesham not known misc456315
09 Jun 1996 First RoundChingford v Weybridge Forest Side, Chingford misc456361
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Chipperfield v Lloyd's Register not known misc456353
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Dartford v Marlow not known misc456369
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Ealing v Gidea Park and Romford not known misc456341
09 Jun 1996 First Round#East Molesey v Leyton County not known misc456346
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Eastcote v Enfield not known misc456328
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Farnham v Beaconsfield not known misc456336
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Finchampstead v Brixton West Indians not known misc456314
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Finchley v Old Merchant Taylors not known misc456327
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Fives and Heronians v South Hampstead not known misc456325
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Gravesend v Southgate Bat and Ball Ground, Gravesend misc456324
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Hampstead v Lensbury not known misc456330
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Hampton Wick Royal v Winchmore Hill not known misc456339
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Harefield v South Woodford not known misc456329
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Harlow v Wembley not known misc456312
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Harrow v Streatham not known misc456343
09 Jun 1996 First RoundHarrow Town v Limpsfield no ground arranged misc456351a
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Hayes v Loughton not known misc456348
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Hertford v Orsett not known misc456326
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Honor Oak v Basildon not known misc456363
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Ilford v Bromley Common not known misc456360
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Lambeth Enterprise v Addiscombe not known misc456344
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Malden Wanderers v Hornsey not known misc456370
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Metropolitan Police v Old Actonians not known misc456372
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Midland Bank v Sidcup not known misc456332
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Mill Hill v Sudbury Court not known misc456354
09 Jun 1996 First RoundMitcham v Chelmsford The Cricket Green, Mitcham misc456331a
09 Jun 1996 First Round#North Middlesex v Buckhurst Hill not known misc456342
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Northwood v Slough not known misc456365
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Old Emanuel v Old Whitgiftians not known misc456359
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Orpington v Old Colfeians not known misc456358
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Radlett v Beddington not known misc456368
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Reading v Maori Club not known misc456345
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Reigate Priory v Highgate not known misc456366
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Richmond v Beckenham not known misc456362
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Saffron Walden v Cockfosters not known misc456310
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Sevenoaks Vine v Watford Town not known misc456337
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Spencer v Warlingham not known misc456313
09 Jun 1996 First Round#St Albans v Ickenham not known misc456338
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Stanmore v Bishop's Stortford not known misc456352
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Sunbury v Sydenham not known misc456333
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Sutton v High Wycombe not known misc456347
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Teddington v Bracknell not known misc456320
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Tunbridge Wells v Wokingham not known misc456355
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Uxbridge v Hadleigh and Thundersley not known misc456323
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Walthamstow v Woodford Wells Buck Walk, Walthamstow misc456322
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Walton-on-Thames v Guildford not known misc456371
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Wanstead v Maidenhead and Bray not known misc456319
09 Jun 1996 First RoundWelwyn Garden City v Hutton not known misc456316
09 Jun 1996 First Round#West Herts v Catford and Cyphers not known misc456321
09 Jun 1996 First Round#Wimbledon v Dulwich not known misc456317
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#Amersham v Radlett Shardeloes, Amersham misc456395
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#Bexley v Harrow Manor Way, Bexley misc456381
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#Boyne Hill v Teddington Boyne Grove, Maidenhead misc456379
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#Cheam v Finchley Peaches Close, Cheam misc456403
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#Dartford v Banstead Hesketh Park, Dartford misc456388
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#East Molesey v Cheshunt Memorial Cricket Ground, East Molesey misc456377
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#Fives and Heronians v Mitcham The Paddock, Chigwell misc456382
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#Hampstead v Lambeth Enterprise Lymington Road, Hampstead misc456397
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#Harlow v Farnham Marigolds, Harlow misc456384
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#Hayes v Aztecs Barnet Wood Road, Hayes misc456380
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#Hertford v Bromley Balls Park, Hertford misc456402
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#Ilford v Saffron Walden Valentine's Park, Ilford misc456404
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#Malden Wanderers v Honor Oak Cambridge Avenue, New Malden misc456393
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#Metropolitan Police v Chipperfield Metropolitan Police Sports Ground, Chigwell misc456391
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#Midland Bank v Brentham Midland Bank Sports Ground, Beckenham misc456385
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#North Middlesex v Basingstoke and North Hants North Middlesex Cricket Club Ground, Crouch End misc456405
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#Northwood v Walthamstow Ducks Hill Road, Northwood misc456400
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#Orpington v Barnet Goddington Dene, Orpington misc456392
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#Reading v Wimbledon Sonning Lane, Reading misc456398
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#Reigate Priory v Blackheath Park Lane, Reigate misc456399
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#Richmond v Harrow Town Old Deer Park, Richmond misc456376
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#South Woodford v Tunbridge Wells Highfield Road, Woodford Green misc456390
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#Spencer v Hampton Wick Royal Field View, Wandsworth misc456389
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#St Albans v Ealing Clarence Park, St Albans misc456394
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#Stanmore v Uxbridge Stanmore Common, Stanmore misc456387
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#Sunbury v Southgate Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames misc456401
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#Sutton v Sevenoaks Vine Cheam Road, Sutton misc456374
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#Walton-on-Thames v Brondesbury Ashley Park, Walton-on-Thames misc456378
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#Wanstead v Mill Hill Overton Drive, Wanstead misc456386
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#Welwyn Garden City v Finchampstead Digswell Park, Welwyn Garden City misc456396
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#West Herts v Eastcote Park Avenue, Watford misc456375
23 Jun 1996 Second Round#Weybridge v Old Emanuel The Cricket Green, Weybridge misc456383
07 Jul 1996 Third Round#Banstead v Orpington not known misc456408
07 Jul 1996 Third Round#Basingstoke v Stanmore not known misc456412
07 Jul 1996 Third Round#Blackheath v Sevenoaks Vine not known misc456409
07 Jul 1996 Third Round#Farnham v Bexley Folly Hill, Farnham misc456420
07 Jul 1996 Third Round#Finchampstead v Ealing Finchampstead Park, Finchampstead misc456419
07 Jul 1996 Third Round#Hampstead v Malden Wanderers not known misc456407
07 Jul 1996 Third Round#Metropolitan Police v Brentham not known misc456406
07 Jul 1996 Third Round#Mitcham v Cheshunt The Cricket Green, Mitcham misc456410
07 Jul 1996 Third Round#Richmond v Aztecs not known misc456415
07 Jul 1996 Third Round#South Woodford v Wanstead Highfield Road, Woodford Green misc456421
07 Jul 1996 Third Round#Southgate v Bromley not known misc456414
07 Jul 1996 Third Round#Spencer v Radlett not known misc456418
07 Jul 1996 Third Round#Teddington v Walton-on-Thames not known misc456411
07 Jul 1996 Third Round#West Herts v Cheam not known misc456413
07 Jul 1996 Third Round#Weybridge v Northwood not known misc456416
07 Jul 1996 Third Round#Wimbledon v Ilford not known misc456417
21 Jul 1996 Fourth Round#Bexley v Basingstoke not known misc456425
21 Jul 1996 Fourth Round#Blackheath v Mitcham not known misc456427
21 Jul 1996 Fourth Round#Ealing v Wimbledon not known misc456422
21 Jul 1996 Fourth Round#Hampstead v Banstead not known misc456428
21 Jul 1996 Fourth Round#Spencer v Wanstead not known misc456429
21 Jul 1996 Fourth Round#Teddington v Richmond not known misc456423
21 Jul 1996 Fourth Round#West Herts v Southgate not known misc456426
21 Jul 1996 Fourth Round#Weybridge v Metropolitan Police not known misc456424
04 Aug 1996 Quarter-Final#Blackheath v Hampstead The Rectory Field, Blackheath misc456431
04 Aug 1996 Quarter-Final#Ealing v Spencer Corfton Road, Ealing misc456430
04 Aug 1996 Quarter-Final#West Herts v Teddington Park Avenue, Watford misc456432
04 Aug 1996 Quarter-Final#Weybridge v Bexley The Cricket Green, Weybridge misc456433
18 Aug 1996 Semi-Final#Bexley v Hampstead Manor Way, Bexley misc456435
18 Aug 1996 Semi-Final#Teddington v Ealing Teddington Cricket Club Ground, Bushy Park, Teddington misc456434
15 Sep 1996 FinalBexley v Teddington The Foster's Oval, Kennington misc218520

The scorecards marked with a # are potted scores only.





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