Chess Valley Cricket League Division Three 2005

 Points Table

12 Jun 2005  #Edmonton v Harpenden Hydeside, Edmonton misc625132
12 Jun 2005  #Mill Hill Village v Finchley Camden Playing Fields, Mill Hill misc625133
12 Jun 2005  #Preston v Ickenham The Cricket Ground, Preston misc625134
12 Jun 2005  #Southgate v Hanwell John Walker's Ground, Southgate misc625135
12 Jun 2005  #St Albans v Abbots Langley Clarence Park, St Albans misc625136
19 Jun 2005  #Harpenden v Preston The Common, Harpenden misc625147
19 Jun 2005  #Ickenham v Abbots Langley Oak Avenue, Ickenham misc625148
26 Jun 2005  #Hanwell v Edmonton Brentfield, Southall misc625137
03 Jul 2005  #Abbots Langley v Harpenden Manor House Ground, Abbots Langley misc625138
03 Jul 2005  #Hanwell v Finchley Brentfield, Southall misc625139
03 Jul 2005  #Preston v Edmonton The Cricket Ground, Preston misc625140
03 Jul 2005  #Southgate v St Albans John Walker's Ground, Southgate misc625141
17 Jul 2005  #Edmonton v Abbots Langley Hydeside, Edmonton misc625142
17 Jul 2005  #Finchley v Preston Arden Field, Finchley misc625143
17 Jul 2005  Harpenden v Mill Hill Village The Common, Harpenden misc625144
17 Jul 2005  Ickenham v Southgate Oak Avenue, Ickenham misc625145
17 Jul 2005  #St Albans v Hanwell Clarence Park, St Albans misc625146
31 Jul 2005  #Finchley v St Albans Arden Field, Finchley misc625149
31 Jul 2005  #Hanwell v Ickenham Brentfield, Southall misc625150
07 Aug 2005  #Abbots Langley v Mill Hill Village Manor House Ground, Abbots Langley misc625151
07 Aug 2005  #Edmonton v Finchley Hydeside, Edmonton misc625152
07 Aug 2005  #Harpenden v Hanwell The Common, Harpenden misc625153
07 Aug 2005  #Preston v Southgate The Cricket Ground, Preston misc625154
07 Aug 2005  #St Albans v Ickenham Clarence Park, St Albans misc625155
14 Aug 2005  #Abbots Langley v Hanwell Manor House Ground, Abbots Langley misc625156
14 Aug 2005  #Edmonton v Southgate Hydeside, Edmonton misc625157
14 Aug 2005  Finchley v Ickenham Arden Field, Finchley misc625158
14 Aug 2005  #Harpenden v St Albans The Common, Harpenden misc625159
21 Aug 2005  #Southgate v Harpenden John Walker's Ground, Southgate misc625160
04 Sep 2005  #Abbots Langley v Southgate Manor House Ground, Abbots Langley misc625161
04 Sep 2005  Ickenham v Edmonton Oak Avenue, Ickenham misc625162
04 Sep 2005  #Preston v St Albans The Cricket Ground, Preston misc625163
11 Sep 2005  #Edmonton v St Albans Hydeside, Edmonton misc625164
11 Sep 2005  Ickenham v Harpenden Oak Avenue, Ickenham misc625165

The scorecards marked with a # are potted scores only.





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