Inter League Club Challenge Trophy 1999

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22 May 1999 First RoundCrompton v Burnley Glebe Street, Shaw, Oldham llcll57
22 May 1999 First RoundEnfield v Heywood Dill Hall Lane, Enfield llcll58
22 May 1999 First RoundHaslingden v Radcliffe Bentgate, Haslingden llcll59
22 May 1999 First RoundLittleborough v East Lancashire Hare Hill, Littleborough llcll60
22 May 1999 First RoundLowerhouse v Milnrow Liverpool Road, Lowerhouse llcll61
22 May 1999 First RoundMiddleton v Rawtenstall Towncroft, Middleton llcll62
22 May 1999 First RoundNorden v Bacup Woodhouse Lane, Norden llcll63
22 May 1999 First RoundRamsbottom v Werneth Acre Bottom, Ramsbottom llcll64
22 May 1999 First RoundRishton v Oldham Blackburn Road, Rishton llcll65
22 May 1999 First RoundRochdale v Church Redbrook, Rochdale llcll66
22 May 1999 First RoundStand v Nelson Hamilton Road, Whitefield llcll67
22 May 1999 First RoundTodmorden v Ashton-under-Lyne Centre Vale, Todmorden llcll68
22 May 1999 First RoundWalsden v Colne Scott Street, Walsden llcll69
31 May 1999 Second RoundAccrington v Walsden Thorneyholme Road, Accrington llcll70
31 May 1999 Second RoundNorden v Lowerhouse Woodhouse Lane, Norden llcll71
31 May 1999 Second RoundRamsbottom v Middleton Acre Bottom, Ramsbottom llcll72
31 May 1999 Second RoundRishton v Crompton Blackburn Road, Rishton llcll73
31 May 1999 Second RoundRochdale v Enfield Redbrook, Rochdale llcll74
31 May 1999 Second RoundRoyton v East Lancashire The Paddock, Royton llcll75
31 May 1999 Second RoundTodmorden v Nelson Centre Vale, Todmorden llcll76
31 May 1999 Second RoundUnsworth v Haslingden Parr Lane, Unsworth llcll77
20 Jun 1999 Quarter-FinalCrompton v Accrington Glebe Street, Shaw, Oldham llcll78
20 Jun 1999 Quarter-FinalHaslingden v Lowerhouse Bentgate, Haslingden llcll78a
20 Jun 1999 Quarter-FinalMiddleton v East Lancashire Towncroft, Middleton llcll79
20 Jun 1999 Quarter-FinalNelson v Rochdale Seedhill, Nelson llcll80
24 Jul 1999 Semi-FinalLowerhouse v Crompton Liverpool Road, Lowerhouse llcll81
24 Jul 1999 Semi-FinalMiddleton v Nelson Towncroft, Middleton llcll82
30 Aug 1999 FinalNelson v Crompton Seedhill, Nelson llcll83





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