Averages by Team

Royal London Women's One-Day Cup 2018

Berkshire Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Buckinghamshire Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Cornwall Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Cumbria Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Derbyshire Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Devon Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Dorset Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Durham Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Essex Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Gloucestershire Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Hampshire Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Hertfordshire Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Kent Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Lancashire Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Leicestershire Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Lincolnshire Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Middlesex Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Netherlands Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Norfolk Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Northamptonshire Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Northumberland Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Nottinghamshire Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Oxfordshire Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Scotland A Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Shropshire Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Somerset Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Staffordshire Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Suffolk Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Surrey Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Sussex Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Wales Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Warwickshire Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Wiltshire Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Worcestershire Women [Batting] [Bowling]
Yorkshire Women [Batting] [Bowling]





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