The Cricketer Cup 2017

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04 Jun 2017 Preliminary RoundOld Hurst Johnians v Old Merchant Taylors Hurstpierpoint College Ground, Hurstpierpoint crcup1526
11 Jun 2017 First RoundBradfield Waifs v Harrow Wanderers Bradfield College, Reading crcup1527
11 Jun 2017 First RoundFelsted Robins v Radley Rangers Felsted School Ground, Dunmow crcup1528
11 Jun 2017 First RoundMarlborough Blues v Old Cheltonians Marlborough College Ground, Marlborough crcup1529
11 Jun 2017 First RoundOld Alleynians v Old Tonbridgians Dulwich College Ground, Dulwich crcup1530
11 Jun 2017 First RoundOld Bedfordians v Downside Wanderers Whitehorn Lane, Letchworth crcup1531
11 Jun 2017 First RoundOld Brightonians v Old Wykehamists Brighton College Ground, Brighton crcup1532
11 Jun 2017 First RoundOld Cliftonians v Eton Ramblers Clifton College Close Ground, Clifton crcup1533
11 Jun 2017 First RoundOld Hurst Johnians v Old Cholmeleians Hurstpierpoint College Ground, Hurstpierpoint crcup1534
11 Jun 2017 First RoundOld Malvernians v Old Amplefordians Malvern College Ground, Malvern crcup1535
11 Jun 2017 First RoundOld Whitgiftians v Old Eastbournians Whitgift School, Croydon crcup1535a
11 Jun 2017 First RoundOundle Rovers v Old Cranleighans Oundle School Ground, Oundle crcup1536
11 Jun 2017 First RoundRugby Meteors v Old Wellingtonians Rugby School Ground, Rugby crcup1537
11 Jun 2017 First RoundSherborne Pilgrims v Haileybury Hermits Sherborne School, Sherborne crcup1538
11 Jun 2017 First RoundShrewsbury Saracens v Repton Pilgrims Shrewsbury School, Shrewsbury crcup1539
11 Jun 2017 First RoundStowe Templars v St Edward's Martyrs Stowe School Ground, Stowe crcup1540
11 Jun 2017 First RoundUppingham Rovers v Charterhouse Friars Upper Field, Uppingham School crcup1541
25 Jun 2017 Second RoundBradfield Waifs v Old Wellingtonians Bradfield College, Reading crcup1542
25 Jun 2017 Second RoundOld Bedfordians v Felsted Robins Bedford School Ground, Bedford crcup1543
25 Jun 2017 Second RoundOld Cholmeleians v Marlborough Blues Harman Drive, Brondesbury crcup1544
25 Jun 2017 Second RoundOld Cliftonians v Charterhouse Friars Clifton College Close Ground, Clifton crcup1545
25 Jun 2017 Second RoundOld Eastbournians v Sherborne Pilgrims Eastbourne College Ground, Eastbourne crcup1546
25 Jun 2017 Second RoundOld Malvernians v Oundle Rovers Malvern College Ground, Malvern crcup1547
25 Jun 2017 Second RoundOld Tonbridgians v Old Wykehamists Tonbridge School Ground, Tonbridge crcup1548
25 Jun 2017 Second RoundShrewsbury Saracens v Stowe Templars Shrewsbury School, Shrewsbury crcup1549
09 Jul 2017 Quarter-FinalMarlborough Blues v Old Bedfordians Marlborough College Ground, Marlborough crcup1550
09 Jul 2017 Quarter-FinalOld Wellingtonians v Charterhouse Friars Wellington College, Crowthorne crcup1551
09 Jul 2017 Quarter-FinalOld Wykehamists v Old Eastbournians Ridding Field, Winchester crcup1552
09 Jul 2017 Quarter-FinalStowe Templars v Old Malvernians Stowe School Ground, Stowe crcup1553
23 Jul 2017 Semi-FinalOld Eastbournians v Old Bedfordians Eastbourne College Ground, Eastbourne crcup1554
23 Jul 2017 Semi-FinalOld Wellingtonians v Old Malvernians Wellington College, Crowthorne crcup1555
06 Aug 2017 FinalOld Eastbournians v Old Wellingtonians Arundel Castle Cricket Club Ground, Arundel crcup1556





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