Warwickshire Cricket League Division One 2000

 Points Table
Articles:Warwickshire League, 2000 - Final Points Table

29 Apr 2000  Kenilworth v Old Edwardians Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc5425
06 May 2000  Attock v Kenilworth Moseley School Ground, Moseley misc147514
06 May 2000  Old Edwardians v Dorridge The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22503
13 May 2000  Old Edwardians v Attock The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc5426
13 May 2000  Solihull Blossomfield v Kenilworth The Wardens, Solihull misc147515
20 May 2000  Kenilworth v Tamworth Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc147516
20 May 2000  Solihull Blossomfield v Old Edwardians The Wardens, Solihull misc22504
27 May 2000  Aston Manor v Kenilworth Church Road, Birmingham misc147517
27 May 2000  Tamworth v Old Edwardians Hints Road, Tamworth misc22505a
29 May 2000  Bronze v Kenilworth The Anson Ground, Great Barr misc147518
29 May 2000  Old Edwardians v Aston Manor The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22506a
03 Jun 2000  Kenilworth v Nuneaton Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc147519
03 Jun 2000  Old Edwardians v Bronze The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22507a
10 Jun 2000  Kenilworth v Alvis-Sphinx Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc147520
10 Jun 2000  Nuneaton v Old Edwardians Weddington Road, Nuneaton misc22508
17 Jun 2000  Old Edwardians v Alvis-Sphinx The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22509
17 Jun 2000  Solihull v Kenilworth Old Silhillians Cricket Club Ground, Solihull misc147521
24 Jun 2000  Kenilworth v Solihull Municipal Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc147522
24 Jun 2000  Solihull v Old Edwardians Old Silhillians Cricket Club Ground, Solihull misc22510
01 Jul 2000  Dorridge v Kenilworth Earlswood Road, Dorridge misc147523
01 Jul 2000  Solihull Municipal v Old Edwardians Brick Kiln Lane, Solihull misc5427
08 Jul 2000  Old Edwardians v Kenilworth The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc6552
15 Jul 2000  Dorridge v Old Edwardians Earlswood Road, Dorridge misc7069
15 Jul 2000  Kenilworth v Attock Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc147525
22 Jul 2000  Attock v Old Edwardians Moseley School Ground, Moseley misc6553
22 Jul 2000  Kenilworth v Solihull Blossomfield Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc147526
29 Jul 2000  Old Edwardians v Solihull Blossomfield The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22511
29 Jul 2000  Tamworth v Kenilworth Hints Road, Tamworth misc147527
05 Aug 2000  Kenilworth v Aston Manor Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc147528
06 Aug 2000  Old Edwardians v Tamworth The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc5428
12 Aug 2000  Aston Manor v Old Edwardians Church Road, Birmingham misc8675
12 Aug 2000  Kenilworth v Bronze Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc147529
19 Aug 2000  Bronze v Old Edwardians The Anson Ground, Great Barr misc22512
19 Aug 2000  Nuneaton v Kenilworth Weddington Road, Nuneaton misc147530
26 Aug 2000  Old Edwardians v Nuneaton The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22513a
28 Aug 2000  Alvis-Sphinx v Old Edwardians Alvis Sports and Social Club Ground, Coventry misc8674
28 Aug 2000  Kenilworth v Solihull Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc147531
02 Sep 2000  Old Edwardians v Solihull The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22514
02 Sep 2000  Solihull Municipal v Kenilworth Brick Kiln Lane, Solihull misc147532
09 Sep 2000  Kenilworth v Dorridge Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc147533
09 Sep 2000  Old Edwardians v Solihull Municipal The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc6555





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