Shepherd Neame Kent Cricket League First Division 2006

 Points Table
 Averages by [Team]

06 May 2006  Dartford v Broadstairs Hesketh Park, Dartford kcl6557
06 May 2006  Orpington v Canterbury Goddington Dene, Orpington kcl6570
06 May 2006  Sandwich Town v Hayes The Butts, Sandwich kcl6573
06 May 2006  The Mote v Sibton Park Mote Park, Maidstone kcl6574
06 May 2006  Whitstable v Lordswood Belmont Road, Whitstable kcl6575
13 May 2006  Broadstairs v The Mote Park Avenue, Dumpton Park kcl6580
13 May 2006  Canterbury v Dartford Polo Farm Sports Club, Canterbury kcl6581
13 May 2006  Hayes v Orpington Barnet Wood Road, Hayes kcl6587
13 May 2006  Lordswood v Sandwich Town Martin Grove, Lordswood kcl6591
13 May 2006  Sibton Park v Whitstable Longage Hill, Lyminge kcl6597
20 May 2006  Dartford v Hayes Hesketh Park, Dartford kcl6611
20 May 2006  Lordswood v Sibton Park Martin Grove, Lordswood kcl6613a
20 May 2006  Sandwich Town v Orpington The Butts, Sandwich kcl6616c
20 May 2006  The Mote v Canterbury Mote Park, Maidstone kcl6617a
20 May 2006  Whitstable v Broadstairs Belmont Road, Whitstable kcl6618
27 May 2006  Broadstairs v Lordswood Park Avenue, Dumpton Park kcl6621a
27 May 2006  Canterbury v Whitstable Polo Farm Sports Club, Canterbury kcl6621b
27 May 2006  Hayes v The Mote Barnet Wood Road, Hayes kcl6623
27 May 2006  Orpington v Dartford Goddington Dene, Orpington kcl6628b
27 May 2006  Sibton Park v Sandwich Town Longage Hill, Lyminge kcl6628d
03 Jun 2006  Lordswood v Canterbury Martin Grove, Lordswood kcl6649
03 Jun 2006  Sandwich Town v Dartford The Butts, Sandwich kcl6656
03 Jun 2006  Sibton Park v Broadstairs Longage Hill, Lyminge kcl6657
03 Jun 2006  The Mote v Orpington Mote Park, Maidstone kcl6659
03 Jun 2006  Whitstable v Hayes Belmont Road, Whitstable kcl6661
10 Jun 2006  Broadstairs v Sandwich Town Park Avenue, Dumpton Park kcl6665
10 Jun 2006  Canterbury v Sibton Park Polo Farm Sports Club, Canterbury kcl6667
10 Jun 2006  Dartford v The Mote Hesketh Park, Dartford kcl6670
10 Jun 2006  Hayes v Lordswood Barnet Wood Road, Hayes kcl6673
10 Jun 2006  Orpington v Whitstable Goddington Dene, Orpington kcl6683
17 Jun 2006  Broadstairs v Canterbury Park Avenue, Dumpton Park kcl6699
17 Jun 2006  Lordswood v Orpington Martin Grove, Lordswood kcl6708
17 Jun 2006  Sandwich Town v The Mote The Butts, Sandwich kcl6715
17 Jun 2006  Sibton Park v Hayes Longage Hill, Lyminge kcl6717
17 Jun 2006  Whitstable v Dartford Belmont Road, Whitstable kcl6721
24 Jun 2006  Canterbury v Sandwich Town Polo Farm Sports Club, Canterbury kcl6726
24 Jun 2006  Dartford v Lordswood Hesketh Park, Dartford kcl6730
24 Jun 2006  Hayes v Broadstairs Barnet Wood Road, Hayes kcl6735
24 Jun 2006  Orpington v Sibton Park Goddington Dene, Orpington kcl6744
24 Jun 2006  The Mote v Whitstable Mote Park, Maidstone kcl6747
01 Jul 2006  Broadstairs v Orpington Park Avenue, Dumpton Park kcl6759
01 Jul 2006  Canterbury v Hayes Polo Farm Sports Club, Canterbury kcl6761
01 Jul 2006  Lordswood v The Mote Martin Grove, Lordswood kcl6768
01 Jul 2006  Sandwich Town v Whitstable The Butts, Sandwich kcl6774
01 Jul 2006  Sibton Park v Dartford Longage Hill, Lyminge kcl6776
08 Jul 2006  Broadstairs v Dartford Park Avenue, Dumpton Park kcl6787
08 Jul 2006  Canterbury v Orpington Polo Farm Sports Club, Canterbury kcl6788
08 Jul 2006  Hayes v Sandwich Town Barnet Wood Road, Hayes kcl6793
08 Jul 2006  Lordswood v Whitstable Martin Grove, Lordswood kcl6797
08 Jul 2006  Sibton Park v The Mote Longage Hill, Lyminge kcl6803
15 Jul 2006  Dartford v Canterbury Hesketh Park, Dartford kcl6824
15 Jul 2006  Orpington v Hayes Goddington Dene, Orpington kcl6836
15 Jul 2006  Sandwich Town v Lordswood The Butts, Sandwich kcl6839
15 Jul 2006  The Mote v Broadstairs Mote Park, Maidstone kcl6840
15 Jul 2006  Whitstable v Sibton Park Belmont Road, Whitstable kcl6841
22 Jul 2006  Broadstairs v Whitstable Park Avenue, Dumpton Park kcl6846
22 Jul 2006  Canterbury v The Mote Polo Farm Sports Club, Canterbury kcl6847
22 Jul 2006  Hayes v Dartford Barnet Wood Road, Hayes kcl6853
22 Jul 2006  Orpington v Sandwich Town Goddington Dene, Orpington kcl6861
22 Jul 2006  Sibton Park v Lordswood Longage Hill, Lyminge kcl6863
29 Jul 2006  Dartford v Orpington Hesketh Park, Dartford kcl6882
29 Jul 2006  Lordswood v Broadstairs Martin Grove, Lordswood kcl6889
29 Jul 2006  Sandwich Town v Sibton Park The Butts, Sandwich kcl6897
29 Jul 2006  The Mote v Hayes Mote Park, Maidstone kcl6899
29 Jul 2006  Whitstable v Canterbury Belmont Road, Whitstable kcl6900
05 Aug 2006  Broadstairs v Sibton Park Park Avenue, Dumpton Park kcl6904
05 Aug 2006  Canterbury v Lordswood Polo Farm Sports Club, Canterbury kcl6906
05 Aug 2006  Dartford v Sandwich Town Hesketh Park, Dartford kcl6909
05 Aug 2006  Hayes v Whitstable Barnet Wood Road, Hayes kcl6912
05 Aug 2006  Orpington v The Mote Goddington Dene, Orpington kcl6922
12 Aug 2006  Lordswood v Hayes Martin Grove, Lordswood kcl6941
12 Aug 2006  Sandwich Town v Broadstairs The Butts, Sandwich kcl6946
12 Aug 2006  Sibton Park v Canterbury Longage Hill, Lyminge kcl6946a
12 Aug 2006  The Mote v Dartford Mote Park, Maidstone kcl6947
12 Aug 2006  Whitstable v Orpington Belmont Road, Whitstable kcl6947b
19 Aug 2006  Canterbury v Broadstairs Polo Farm Sports Club, Canterbury kcl6953
19 Aug 2006  Dartford v Whitstable Hesketh Park, Dartford kcl6957
19 Aug 2006  Hayes v Sibton Park Barnet Wood Road, Hayes kcl6962
19 Aug 2006  Orpington v Lordswood Goddington Dene, Orpington kcl6971
19 Aug 2006  The Mote v Sandwich Town Mote Park, Maidstone kcl6974
26 Aug 2006  Broadstairs v Hayes Park Avenue, Dumpton Park kcl6981
26 Aug 2006  Lordswood v Dartford Martin Grove, Lordswood kcl6990
26 Aug 2006  Sandwich Town v Canterbury The Butts, Sandwich kcl6997
26 Aug 2006  Sibton Park v Orpington Longage Hill, Lyminge kcl6998
26 Aug 2006  Whitstable v The Mote Belmont Road, Whitstable kcl7001
02 Sep 2006  Dartford v Sibton Park Hesketh Park, Dartford kcl7009
02 Sep 2006  Hayes v Canterbury Barnet Wood Road, Hayes kcl7014
02 Sep 2006  Orpington v Broadstairs Goddington Dene, Orpington kcl7024
02 Sep 2006  The Mote v Lordswood Mote Park, Maidstone kcl7026
02 Sep 2006  Whitstable v Sandwich Town Belmont Road, Whitstable kcl7027





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