Bowling in National Second Eleven Competition 1983/84 (Ordered by Average)

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TJ Wilson (Ot)001122-115.50 00
LW Stott (Auck)0081149-405.78 21
SJ Scott (ND)00133156-298.86 20
REW Mawhinney (Ot)007984-179.87 00
MJ Child (ND)008283-2510.25 00
JK Lindsay (Ot)00194186-3910.77 20
KJ Burns (Ot)001211-412.00 00
CM Kuggeleijn (ND)003732-1312.33 00
RP Brazendale (Auck)0011495-1612.66 10
MD Jamieson (CD)009173-1813.00 00
RJ Hunter (Auck)00212165-3713.25 10
RJ Pither (Well)00158103-2115.80 00
SN Bateman (Cant)004833-4816.00 00
JF O'Connor (Auck)00163105-3416.30 10
KGW Taylor (Cant)0013184-6716.37 00
SW Duff (CD)00235144-3516.78 00
MR McKinnon (ND)008953-417.80 00
PG O'Shaughnessy (CD)0012573-4917.85 00
K Treiber (ND)005533-4618.33 00
SB Cater (Well)0011263-6118.66 00
KBK Ibadulla (Ot)00187107-4918.70 10
PW Hills (Ot)0015083-4418.75 00
JD McGregor (CD)004022-1420.00 00
PJ Verhoek (CD)006833-6322.66 00
ND Pollock (ND)0013863-3823.00 00
DC Aberhart (Cant)004622-4623.00 00
GR Larsen (Well)0016375-5523.28 10
SJ Millichip (Cant)002611-2626.00 00
RM Carter (Cant)008033-6426.66 00
KB Marshall (Well)009233-7730.66 00
AR Davie (Well)006221-2431.00 00
AJ Nuttall (Cant)0015752-5531.40 00
AW Bligh (Ot)0013442-2633.50 00
BK McSkimming (Ot)0013742-3934.25 00
PJ Visser (CD)0016242-3440.50 00
SR Tracy (Auck)0010422-7352.00 00
DHA McMillan (Cant)005911-5959.00 00
I Irvine (Auck)0014622-5373.00 00
WJ Mawhinney (Ot)008811-4988.00 00
A Adcock (ND)0000    
BC Richards (CD)0040    
AJB Shipley (Cant)0040    
JM Hooper (CD)0040    
AJ Hunt (Auck)0060    
LJ Doull (ND)0070    
BM Lahood (CD)00110    
BG Cooper (ND)00170    
TG Vogel (Well)00270    
CWH Lawrence (Cant)00330    
DR Newton (Well)00700    





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