Minor Counties Championship Matches played on Sandwell Park, West Bromwich (13)

(count excludes the abandoned match in which no play was possible)
(the count includes only those matches which have been completed)
15th June 1927 Minor Counties Championship 1927  Staffordshire v Lincolnshireminc2176
23rd May 1928 Minor Counties Championship 1928  Staffordshire v Leicestershire Second XIminc2270
21st August 1963 Minor Counties Championship 1963  Staffordshire v Bedfordshireminc5994
9th August 1978 Minor Counties Championship 1978  Staffordshire v Lincolnshireminc7629
15th August 1979 Minor Counties Championship 1979  Staffordshire v Durhamminc7748
4th August 1980 Minor Counties Championship 1980  Staffordshire v Northumberlandminc7833
30th May 1985 Minor Counties Championship 1985 Eastern DivisionStaffordshire v Hertfordshireminc8268
6th July 2014 Unicorns Championship 2014 Eastern DivisionStaffordshire v Northumberlandminc10497
7th June 2015 Unicorns Championship 2015 Eastern DivisionStaffordshire v Cambridgeshireminc10539
3rd July 2016 Unicorns Championship 2016 Eastern DivisionStaffordshire v Norfolkminc10618
2nd July 2017 Unicorns Championship 2017 Eastern DivisionStaffordshire v Bedfordshireminc10680
24th June 2018 Unicorns Championship 2018 Eastern DivisionStaffordshire v Suffolkminc10723
7th July 2019 Unicorns Championship 2019 Eastern DivisionStaffordshire v Lincolnshireminc10792
26th July 2020 National Counties Championship 2020 Eastern Division OneStaffordshire v Lincolnshireminc10835p
25th July 2021 National Counties Championship 2021 Eastern Division OneStaffordshire v Lincolnshireminc10851





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