Miscellaneous Matches played on Recreation Ground, Blandford (13)

(count excludes the abandoned match in which no play was possible)
Note that the only matches included in this list are those for which CricketArchive has a scorecard on its database
24th August 1898 Other matches in England 1898  Dorset v Cornwallmisc374425
21st June 1899 Other matches in England 1899  Dorset v Cornwallmisc374430
1st September 1951 Other matches in England 1951  Blandford v AW Wellard's XImisc372906
12th August 1976 Hilda Overy Trophy 1976  Dorset Colts v Wiltshire Under-19smisc191953
1979 Commercial Union Under-16s County Championship 1979 Group DDorset Under-16s v Warwickshire Under-16smisc186835
22nd July 1980 Other matches in England 1980  Dorset Under-19s v Berkshire Bantamsmisc856932
12th June 1983 British Reserve Insurance Trophy 1983 Group 4Dorset Cricket Association v Oxfordshire County Cricket Associationmisc182527
13th July 1986 National Cricket Association County Championship 1986 Group 3Dorset Cricket Association v Hampshire Cricket Associationmisc182722
6th August 1987 Other matches in England 1987  Dorset Rangers Over-35s v Dorset Rangers Under-35smisc529759
20th May 1990 Other matches in England 1990  Blandford v Dorset Rangersmisc533643
10th June 1993 National Cricket Association County Championship 1993 Group 7Dorset Cricket Association v Wiltshire Cricket Associationmisc183307
8th May 1994 Other matches in England 1994  Blandford v Dorset Club and Groundmisc14266
25th May 2011 Other matches in England 2011  Dorset A v Army Development XImisc347224
19th April 2012 Other matches in England 2012  Dorset v Army Development XImisc347238a





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