First-Class Matches played on Arundel Castle Cricket Club Ground, Arundel (40)

(count excludes the abandoned match in which no play was possible)
25th July 1990 Britannic Assurance County Championship 1990  Sussex v Hampshiref38831
2nd July 1991 Britannic Assurance County Championship 1991  Sussex v Surreyf39407
30th June 1992 Britannic Assurance County Championship 1992  Sussex v Hampshiref40003
15th July 1993 Britannic Assurance County Championship 1993  Sussex v Kentf40594
14th July 1994 Britannic Assurance County Championship 1994  Sussex v Middlesexf41179
6th July 1995 Britannic Assurance County Championship 1995  Sussex v Nottinghamshiref41824
3rd July 1996 Britannic Assurance County Championship 1996  Sussex v Hampshiref42482
2nd July 1997 Britannic Assurance County Championship 1997  Sussex v Worcestershiref43149
12th June 1998 South Africa in British Isles 1998  Sussex v South Africansf43747
14th July 1999 PPP Healthcare County Championship 1999  Sussex v Leicestershiref44485
10th June 2000 Zimbabwe in British Isles 2000  West Indians v Zimbabweansf45152
12th July 2000 PPP Healthcare County Championship 2000 Division 2Sussex v Essexf45195
13th June 2001 CricInfo Championship 2001 Division 2Sussex v Derbyshiref45894
25th June 2001 Australia in British Isles 2001  Marylebone Cricket Club v Australiansf45910
26th June 2002 Frizzell County Championship 2002 Division 1Sussex v Yorkshiref46661
16th July 2002 West Indies A in British Isles 2002  Indians v West Indies Af46685
9th July 2003 Frizzell County Championship 2003 Division 1Sussex v Essexf47344
19th July 2003 South Africa in British Isles 2003  India A v South Africansf47356
23rd June 2004 Frizzell County Championship 2004 Division 1Sussex v Gloucestershiref48031
13th July 2004 West Indies in British Isles 2004  Marylebone Cricket Club v West Indiansf48038
15th June 2005 Frizzell County Championship 2005 Division 1Sussex v Nottinghamshiref48717
21st June 2006 Liverpool Victoria County Championship 2006 Division 1Sussex v Yorkshiref49429
6th June 2007 LV County Championship 2007 Division 1Sussex v Hampshiref50102
10th July 2007 Sri Lanka A in England 2007  Marylebone Cricket Club v Sri Lanka Af50128
16th July 2008 LV County Championship 2008 Division 1Sussex v Hampshiref50886
15th July 2009 LV County Championship 2009 Division 1Sussex v Hampshiref51657
7th July 2010 LV County Championship 2010 Division 2Sussex v Gloucestershiref52485
29th June 2011 LV County Championship 2011 Division 1Sussex v Warwickshiref53275
18th July 2012 LV County Championship 2012 Division 1Sussex v Durhamf54093
12th June 2013 LV County Championship 2013 Division 1Sussex v Surreyf54877
16th June 2014 LV County Championship 2014 Division 1Sussex v Yorkshiref55675
15th June 2015 LV County Championship 2015 Division 1Sussex v Durhamf56435
22nd June 2016 Specsavers County Championship 2016 Division 2Sussex v Northamptonshiref57149
14th June 2017 South Africa A in England 2017  Sussex v South Africa Af57928
5th July 2017 Specsavers County Championship 2017 Division 2Sussex v Leicestershiref57954
20th June 2018 Specsavers County Championship 2018 Division 2Sussex v Durhamf58715
11th June 2019 Specsavers County Championship 2019 Division 2Sussex v Gloucestershiref59507
7th July 2019 Australia A in England 2019  Sussex v Australia Af59538
28th June 2020 Specsavers County Championship 2020 Division 2Sussex v Derbyshiref60134er
15th August 2020 Bob Willis Trophy 2020 South GroupHampshire v Surreyf60171
22nd August 2020 Bob Willis Trophy 2020 South GroupHampshire v Essexf60191





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