Minor Counties Trophy Matches played on Cross O'Cliff Court, Bracebridge Heath (11)

(count excludes the abandoned match in which no play was possible)
13th May 2007 MCCA Trophy 2007 Group 2Lincolnshire v Bedfordshiremint781e
11th May 2008 MCCA Trophy 2008 Group 4Lincolnshire v Buckinghamshiremint819
17th May 2009 MCCA Trophy 2009 Group 4Lincolnshire v Dorsetmint870
23rd May 2010 MCCA Trophy 2010 Group 4Lincolnshire v Cambridgeshiremint924
20th May 2012 MCCA Trophy 2012 Group 2Lincolnshire v Shropshiremint1000
2nd June 2013 MCCA Trophy 2013 Group 2Lincolnshire v Suffolkmint1049
18th May 2014 Unicorns Knockout Trophy 2014 Group 3Lincolnshire v Northumberlandmint1082
10th May 2015 Unicorns Knockout Trophy 2015 Group 3Lincolnshire v Shropshiremint1123
8th May 2016 Unicorns Knockout Trophy 2016 Group 3Lincolnshire v Cumberlandmint1160
14th May 2017 Unicorns Knockout Trophy 2017 Group 3Lincolnshire v Norfolkmint1217
20th May 2018 Unicorns Knockout Trophy 2018 Second RoundLincolnshire v Northumberlandmint1242
2nd June 2019 Unicorns Knockout Trophy 2019 Second RoundLincolnshire v Cheshiremint1261





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