Aigburth, Liverpool - Most Wickets in a Match in first-class cricket

17-91H DeanLancashire v Yorkshire1913f8902
16-69TG WassNottinghamshire v Lancashire1906f6856
14-99CH ParkinLancashire v Leicestershire1914f9172
14-142W BrearleyLancashire v Somerset1911f8241
14-180CH ParkinLancashire v Hampshire1921f9876
13-38TR McKibbinAustralians v Lancashire1896f4574
13-41W HuddlestonLancashire v Nottinghamshire1906f6856
13-81H DeanLancashire v Warwickshire1909f7689
13-84H DeanLancashire v Hampshire1914f9232
13-114AW MoldLancashire v Middlesex1894f4039
13-205RD BurrowsWorcestershire v Lancashire1905f6574
12-45J BriggsLancashire v Gloucestershire1888f3297
12-68JL HopwoodLancashire v Glamorgan1934f14646
12-70R TattersallLancashire v Sussex1953f19961
12-77R PeelYorkshire v Liverpool and District1889f3362
12-90J HallowsLancashire v Gloucestershire1904f6433
12-92WW ArmstrongAustralians v Lancashire1905f6757
12-98GH LittlewoodLancashire v Australians1902f5986
12-107AS KennedyHampshire v Lancashire1920f9663
12-124J BriggsLancashire v Derbyshire1897f4669
12-134MJ HiltonLancashire v Middlesex1955f20983
12-136J BriggsLancashire v Australians1896f4574
12-192SC KerriganLancashire v Hampshire2011f53351





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