List A Matches played on Wardown Park, Luton (38)

(count excludes the abandoned match in which no play was possible)
26th April 1967 Gillette Cup 1967 1st RoundBedfordshire v Northamptonshirea86
24th June 1973 John Player League 1973  Northamptonshire v Nottinghamshirea962
30th June 1973 Gillette Cup 1973 1st RoundBedfordshire v Lancashirea968
18th August 1974 John Player League 1974  Northamptonshire v Surreya1275
6th July 1975 John Player League 1975  Northamptonshire v Essexa1466
18th July 1976 John Player League 1976  Northamptonshire v Worcestershirea1757
29th June 1977 Gillette Cup 1977 1st RoundBedfordshire v Northumberlanda1974
21st August 1977 John Player League 1977  Northamptonshire v Leicestershirea2043
23rd July 1978 John Player League 1978  Northamptonshire v Kenta2245
15th July 1979 John Player League 1979  Northamptonshire v Essexa2480
13th July 1980 John Player League 1980  Northamptonshire v Kenta2734
5th July 1981 John Player League 1981  Northamptonshire v Glamorgana3018
1st August 1982 John Player League 1982  Northamptonshire v Worcestershirea3416
19th June 1983 John Player Special League 1983  Northamptonshire v Warwickshirea3705
24th June 1984 John Player Special League 1984  Northamptonshire v Yorkshirea4089
23rd June 1985 John Player Special League 1985  Northamptonshire v Essexa4477
3rd July 1985 National Westminster Bank Trophy 1985 1st RoundBedfordshire v Gloucestershirea4487
22nd June 1986 John Player Special League 1986  Northamptonshire v Yorkshirea4894
21st June 1987 Refuge Assurance League 1987  Northamptonshire v Glamorgana5291
19th June 1988 Refuge Assurance League 1988  Northamptonshire v Middlesexa5707
25th June 1989 Refuge Assurance League 1989  Northamptonshire v Leicestershirea6099
24th June 1990 Refuge Assurance League 1990  Northamptonshire v Middlesexa6600
30th June 1991 Refuge Assurance League 1991  Northamptonshire v Somerseta7103
28th June 1992 Sunday League 1992  Northamptonshire v Glamorgana7631
27th June 1993 AXA Equity and Law League 1993  Northamptonshire v Somerseta8111
19th June 1994 AXA Equity and Law League 1994  Northamptonshire v Yorkshirea8671
18th June 1995 AXA Equity and Law League 1995  Northamptonshire v Essexa9282
21st May 1996 India in England 1996  Northamptonshire v Indiansa9864
29th June 1997 AXA Life League 1997  Northamptonshire v Gloucestershirea10591a
29th April 1998 Benson and Hedges Cup 1998 Group AMinor Counties v Northamptonshirea11129
4th May 1999 National Westminster Bank Trophy 1999 1st RoundBedfordshire v Huntingdonshirea11892
23rd June 1999 National Westminster Bank Trophy 1999 3rd RoundBedfordshire v Derbyshirea11996
1st May 2001 Cheltenham and Gloucester Trophy 2001 1st RoundBedfordshire v Nottinghamshire Cricket Boarda13402
27th June 2001 Cheltenham and Gloucester Trophy 2001 3rd RoundBedfordshire v Yorkshirea13561
29th August 2002 Cheltenham and Gloucester Trophy 2003 1st RoundBedfordshire v Hertfordshirea14496
12th September 2002 Cheltenham and Gloucester Trophy 2003 2nd RoundBedfordshire v Netherlandsa14543
7th May 2003 Cheltenham and Gloucester Trophy 2003 3rd RoundBedfordshire v Warwickshirea15088
28th August 2003 Cheltenham and Gloucester Trophy 2004 1st RoundBedfordshire v Cheshirea15272
4th May 2005 Cheltenham and Gloucester Trophy 2005 1st RoundBedfordshire v Sussexa16606





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