ODI Matches played on Nehru Stadium, Guwahati (14)

(count excludes the 2 matches in which no play was possible)
17th December 1983 Charminar Challenge Cup 1983/84 5th ODIIndia v West Indieso230
11th January 1987 Sri Lanka in India 1986/87 2nd ODIIndia v Sri Lankao415
23rd December 1987 Charminar Challenge Cup 1987/88 2nd ODIIndia v West Indieso482
22nd March 1993 Charms Cup 1992/93 2nd ODIIndia v Zimbabweo820
19th November 1993 Bengal Cricket Association Diamond Jubilee Tournament (Hero Cup) 1993/94  South Africa v Sri Lankao853
1st November 1994 Wills World Series 1994/95  New Zealand v West Indieso943
1st November 1996 Titan World Series 1996/97  Australia v South Africao1134
22nd December 1997 Sri Lanka in India 1997/98 1st ODIIndia v Sri Lankao1267
14th November 1999 New Zealand in India 1999/00 4th ODIIndia v New Zealando1525
19th March 2002 Zimbabwe in India 2001/02 5th ODIIndia v Zimbabweo1818
9th November 2003 TVS Cup 2003/04  Australia v New Zealando2058
9th April 2006 England in India 2005/06 5th ODIIndia v Englando2360a
5th November 2007 Pakistan in India 2007/08 1st ODIIndia v Pakistano2643
29th November 2008 England in India 2008/09 6th ODIIndia v Englando2784a
8th November 2009 Australia in India 2009/10 6th ODIIndia v Australiao2925
28th November 2010 New Zealand in India 2010/11 1st ODIIndia v New Zealando3070





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