Test Matches played on Hagley Oval, Christchurch (7)

(count excludes the abandoned match in which no play was possible)
(the count includes only those matches which have been completed)
26th December 2014 Sri Lanka in New Zealand 2014/15 1st TestNew Zealand v Sri Lankat2151
20th February 2016 Australia in New Zealand 2015/16 2nd TestNew Zealand v Australiat2202
17th November 2016 Pakistan in New Zealand 2016/17 1st TestNew Zealand v Pakistant2234
20th January 2017 Bangladesh in New Zealand 2016/17 2nd TestNew Zealand v Bangladesht2248
30th March 2018 England in New Zealand 2017/18 2nd TestNew Zealand v Englandt2301
26th December 2018 Sri Lanka in New Zealand 2018/19 2nd TestNew Zealand v Sri Lankat2336
16th March 2019 Bangladesh in New Zealand 2018/19 3rd TestNew Zealand v Bangladesht2351a
29th February 2020 India in New Zealand 2019/20 2nd TestNew Zealand v Indiat2387
3rd January 2021 Pakistan in New Zealand 2020/21 2nd TestNew Zealand v Pakistant2400





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