First-Class Matches played on Smallbone Park, Rotorua (17)

7th January 1969 Plunket Shield 1968/69  Northern Districts v Otagof27596
8th January 1971 Plunket Shield 1970/71  Northern Districts v Otagof28516
30th December 1973 Plunket Shield 1973/74  Northern Districts v Central Districtsf29934
10th January 1975 Plunket Shield 1974/75  Northern Districts v Aucklandf30448
30th December 1975 Shell Cup 1975/76  Northern Districts v Wellingtonf30910
22nd January 1977 Shell Trophy 1976/77  Northern Districts v Central Districtsf31428
26th December 1977 Shell Cup 1977/78  Northern Districts v Central Districtsf31861
24th January 1979 Pakistan in Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand 1978/79  Young New Zealand v Pakistanisf32426
24th January 1981 Shell Trophy 1980/81  Northern Districts v Central Districtsf33440
10th January 1984 Shell Trophy 1983/84  Northern Districts v Aucklandf35028
1st January 1985 Shell Trophy 1984/85  Northern Districts v Canterburyf35556
6th January 1990 Shell Trophy 1989/90  Northern Districts v Central Districtsf38472
1st February 1991 Shell Trophy 1990/91  Northern Districts v Canterburyf39195
25th January 1992 Shell Trophy 1991/92  Northern Districts v Aucklandf39789
26th November 1992 Shell Trophy 1992/93  Northern Districts v Central Districtsf40223
9th March 1994 Other First-Class matches in New Zealand 1993/94  Northern Districts v New Zealand Academyf41012
22nd January 1996 Shell Trophy 1995/96  Northern Districts v Central Districtsf42220





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