West Indies Competition Matches played on Grove Park, Charlestown (19)

5th April 1980 Shell Shield 1979/80  Combined Leeward and Windward Islands v Guyanawid134
28th January 1983 Shell Shield 1982/83  Leeward Islands v Guyanawid167
1st March 1985 Shell Shield 1984/85  Leeward Islands v Windward Islandswid206
24th January 1986 Shell Shield 1985/86  Leeward Islands v Barbadoswid214
10th February 1989 Red Stripe Cup 1988/89  Leeward Islands v Trinidad and Tobagowid251
26th February 1993 Red Stripe Cup 1992/93  Leeward Islands v Barbadoswid311
20th January 1995 Red Stripe Cup 1994/95  Leeward Islands v Jamaicawid337
23rd February 1996 Red Stripe Cup 1995/96  Leeward Islands v Trinidad and Tobagowid360
16th May 1997 Red Stripe Cup 1996/97  Leeward Islands v Guyanawid385
17th April 1998 West Indies Board President's Cup 1997/98  Leeward Islands v Jamaicawid402
9th February 2001 Busta Cup 2000/01  Leeward Islands v Barbadoswid462
8th February 2002 Busta Cup 2001/02  Leeward Islands v West Indies Bwid481
14th February 2003 Carib Beer Cup 2002/03  Leeward Islands v India Awid510
23rd January 2004 Carib Beer Cup 2003/04  Leeward Islands v West Indies Bwid542
14th January 2005 Carib Beer Cup 2004/05  Leeward Islands v Guyanawid567
28th March 2008 Carib Beer Cup 2007/08  Leeward Islands v Combined Campuses and Collegeswid645
30th January 2009 Regional Four Day Competition 2008/09  Leeward Islands v Guyanawid660
27th March 2009 Regional Four Day Competition 2008/09  Leeward Islands v Combined Campuses and Collegeswid683
15th January 2010 Regional Four Day Competition 2009/10  Barbados v Combined Campuses and Collegeswid694





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