Guyana National Stadium, Providence - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in List A matches

3EJG MorganNew Zealand v Ireland2006/07a18173
3MahmudullahWest Indies v Bangladesh2018a26533
2JM KempSri Lanka v South Africa2006/07a18148
2HH GibbsIreland v South Africa2006/07a18165
2A NelBangladesh v South Africa2006/07a18171
2GC SmithBangladesh v South Africa2006/07a18171
2R ChattergoonTrinidad and Tobago v Combined Campuses and Colleges2007/08a18413
2DJ BravoCombined Campuses and Colleges v Trinidad and Tobago2007/08a18413
2N DeonarineCombined Campuses and Colleges v Guyana2007/08a18419
2JL CarterUnited States of America v Barbados2008/09a19222
2RT CrandonCanada v Guyana2008/09a19251
2RR EmritJamaica v Trinidad and Tobago2008/09a19257
2S GangaBarbados v Trinidad and Tobago2008/09a19263
2KA PollardBarbados v Trinidad and Tobago2008/09a19263
2DJ BravoEngland v West Indies2008/09a19650
2AJ StraussWest Indies v England2008/09a19650
2PD CollingwoodWest Indies v England2008/09a19658
2S ChanderpaulCombined Campuses and Colleges v Guyana2009/10a20137
2NO MillerZimbabwe v West Indies2009/10a20493
2DM GeorgeGuyana v Windward Islands2011/12a21545
2HCR ShallowGuyana v Windward Islands2011/12a21545
2JA FooWindward Islands v Guyana2011/12a21545
2CH GayleLeeward Islands v Jamaica2011/12a21549
2O PetersTrinidad and Tobago v Leeward Islands2011/12a21553
2D MohammedGuyana v Trinidad and Tobago2011/12a21563
2KK CooperGuyana v Trinidad and Tobago2011/12a21563
2NO MillerSagicor High Performance Centre v Jamaica2011/12a21564
2DC ThomasJamaica v Sagicor High Performance Centre2011/12a21564
2SE ThomasGuyana v Combined Campuses and Colleges2012/13a22560
2DP HyattGuyana v Jamaica2012/13a22571
2D BishooJamaica v Guyana2012/13a22571
2CAK WaltonPakistan v West Indies2016/17a25429
2Wahab RiazWest Indies v Pakistan2016/17a25429
2Babar AzamWest Indies v Pakistan2016/17a25432
2Mohammad HafeezWest Indies v Pakistan2016/17a25435
2KMA PaulBangladesh v West Indies2018a26537





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