Guyana National Stadium, Providence - Lowest Team Totals in first-class cricket

55Guyana v Barbados2019/20f60120
66Guyana v Barbados2014/15f55943
76Barbados v Guyana2018/19f59359
78Guyana v England Lions2010/11f53052
85Leeward Islands v Guyana2015/16f56713
94Guyana v Barbados2013/14f55495
94Leeward Islands v Guyana2014/15f55896
94Guyana v Barbados2019/20f60120
95Guyana v Windward Islands2015/16f56682
95Windward Islands v Guyana2016/17f57873
96Guyana v Jamaica2012/13f54795
98Trinidad and Tobago v Guyana2019/20f59911
99Jamaica v Guyana2017/18f58178





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