New Zealand Players (C)


B Cachopa (Auckland, Canterbury)
Carl Cachopa (Auckland, Central Districts, New Zealand A, New Zealand XI)
Craig Cachopa (Auckland, Sussex, Wellington)
EC Caddick (St Bede's College, Christchurch)
AC Cade (Ashburton County)
RL Cadness (Auckland Women)
N Cahill (Canterbury Under-17s)
R Cahill (Auckland Under-20s)
T Cahill (North Otago)
JB Cain (Auckland)
RJ Cain (New Zealand Under-19s, Otago Second XI, Otago Under-19s, Otago Under-22s)
BD Cains (Canterbury Women Second XI)
SD Caird (Central Districts Women, New Zealand Women, North Shore Women, Wellington Women)
GH Cairncross (Rangitikei)
AE Cairns (Otago)
BL Cairns (Central Districts, Durham, Minor Counties, New Zealand, New Zealand Under-23s, Northern Districts, Otago)
CL Cairns (Canterbury, ICC World XI, New Zealand, Northern Districts, Nottinghamshire)
H Cairns (Southland Boys High School)
HW Cairns (Otago)
MG Cairns (Auckland)
PJ Cairns (Auckland Under-19s, Downham Town)
RM Cairns (scorer)
S Cairns (Nelson Women)
T Cairns (Otago Boys High School)
ETT Cakobau (Auckland, Fiji)
EC Calcinai (umpire)
CJ Calder (Otago Under-21s Women)
EM Calder (Canterbury Women Second XI)
JW Calder (Canterbury, New Zealand Under-23s)
RN Caldow (Hutt Valley)
D Caldwell (Otago Under-17s)
NJ Caldwell (Canterbury Under-20s, New Zealand Under-19s)
S Caldwell (Northland)
CF Calkin (umpire)
DJ Calkin (Central Districts)
GV Calkin (Rangitikei)
J Calkin (Wanganui)
L Calkin
MJE Calkin (Central Districts, Wellington)
RC Calkin (umpire)
SB Calkin (Palmerston North Girls High School)
A Callaghan (Wanderers)
B Callaghan (Ashburton County)
JW Callaghan (umpire)
C Calland (Northern Districts Under-20s)
RJ Calland (Northern Districts)
S Calland (Northern Districts Under-20s)
A Callaway (Canterbury XI)
HL Callaway (Ashburton County)
ST Callaway (Australia, Canterbury, New South Wales)
J Callender (Otago Women)
ZAF Callesen (Auckland Grammar School)
KJR Calnon (Stokes Valley, Upper Valley)
LK Calnon (Hamilton Boys High School, Northern Districts Under-17s)
E Calvert (Southland)
W Calvert (Canterbury)
N Cambie (Bay of Plenty, Midlands)
RW Cambie (Auckland-Manukau)
D Came (Northland)
Cameron (Auckland)
Cameron (Manawatu)
A Cameron (Onslow)
B Cameron (Otago Under-23s)
BD Cameron (Central Districts Under-17s, Wanganui)
BW Cameron (Wellington Under-19s)
CP Cameron (Wellington Under-20s)
CT Cameron (Christchurch Boys High School)
DA Cameron (Wellington)
DIA Cameron (Marlborough, Poverty Bay)
DS Cameron (Otago)
E Cameron (Central Otago)
EHJ Cameron (Otago)
F Cameron (Bay of Plenty)
FJ Cameron (New Zealand, New Zealand XI, Otago)
G Cameron (Manawatu)
GR Cameron (North Otago)
H Cameron (Green Island)
HHA Cameron (Central Districts Under-17s, Central Districts Under-19s, Poverty Bay, Waikato Valley)
HMA Cameron (Wairarapa)
HR Cameron (Otago)
HR Cameron (Otago Under-20s, Otago Under-23s)
IB Cameron (New Zealand Universities)
J Cameron (Otago)
JA Cameron (Wanganui)
JC Cameron (Trentham XI)
JNA Cameron (Otago)
LH Cameron (Tahuna Intermediate School Boys)
M Cameron (Thames Women)
N Cameron (Wanganui)
NP Cameron (Eastern Suburbs)
R Cameron (Rangitikei)
R Cameron (Central Otago)
S Cameron (Bay of Plenty)
S Cameron (Horowhenua and Kapiti)
SJ Cameron (Central Districts Under-17s, Central Districts Under-19s)
SM Cameron (Canterbury)
T Cameron (Wanganui)
ZL Cameron (Nelson Women)
RHJ Camm (Southland)
Campbell (Auckland)
Campbell (Otago)
Campbell (Otago Boys High School)
A Campbell (Auckland, Auckland Under-20s)
AI Campbell (scorer)
B Campbell (Northland)
B Campbell (Otago Women)
B Campbell (Huntley School)
BG Campbell (Wairarapa)
C Campbell (Hawke's Bay)
C Campbell (New Zealand Universities)
CA Campbell (Canterbury Women, New Zealand Women, Otago Women)
CJ Campbell (scorer)
CS Campbell (Epsom Girls Grammar School)
CWG Campbell (Manawatu, Wairarapa)
D Campbell (Bay of Plenty)
D Campbell (North Otago)
EA Campbell (scorer)
EM Campbell (Canterbury Women, New Zealand Women, Northamptonshire Women, Otago Women)
F Campbell (Mount Albert Grammar School)
FP Campbell (Canterbury Women)
H Campbell (Mount Albert Grammar School)
I Campbell (Manawatu)
IF Campbell (Buller, Northern Districts Under-22s, Northern Districts Under-23s, Thames Valley)
IW Campbell (Southland)
J Campbell (Otago)
J Campbell (Auckland)
J Campbell (Wanganui Women, Wanganui Women B)
JA Campbell (Palmerston North Boys High School)
JH Campbell (umpire)
JW Campbell (umpire)
KO Campbell (Otago)
LC Campbell (Heaton Intermediate School)
M Campbell (Otago Women)
MA Campbell (Canterbury Women, Southern Districts Women)
MK Campbell (scorer)
OE Campbell (Havelock North High School, Havelock North Intermediate School)
P Campbell (Wairau)
PA Campbell (Otago)
Q Campbell (John McGlashan College)
R Campbell (Marlborough)
R Campbell (Ngakawau)
SAA Campbell (Auckland-Manukau)
T Campbell (South Taranaki)
T Campbell (Naenae Old Boys)
TA Campbell (South Auckland)
TA Campbell (Waikato)
TT Campbell (Taranaki)
TW Campbell (Karori, Wellington Under-17s, Wellington Under-19s)
AWL Candlish (Canterbury)
R Candy (Wellington Under-17s)
RH Candy (Canterbury Women, Central Districts Women, New Zealand A Women, New Zealand Women, Surrey Women)
FF Cane (Hawke's Bay)
JF Cane (Hawke's Bay, Northland)
JT Cannan (Christchurch Boys High School)
RB Canney (Nelson)
Canning (Southern Hawke's Bay)
D Canning (Hawke's Bay)
TK Canning (Auckland, New Zealand, New Zealand A, New Zealand Academy)
DCA Cannon (Taranaki)
A Cant (Canterbury)
BC Cant (Newcastle, North Otago, Otago A, Otago Under-17s, Otago Under-19s, Shelley, Upton)
N Canton (Hutt International Boys School)
H Cantrell (Otago)
G Cantrossa (New Zealanders)
NS Cantwell (Otago Under-19s)
JD Capstick (Canterbury Under-20s, New Zealand Colts)
JR Capstick (Wellington)
NL Capstick (umpire)
PJ Capstick (Central Districts A, Nelson)
J Caradus (Otago)
R Caradus (Otago Metropolitan)
RW Cardno (Otago Under-20s)
PW Carew (Northern Districts Under-23s)
AB Carey (Nelson)
D Carey (Hawke's Bay)
D Carey (North City)
PW Carey (Canterbury, Canterbury Country, Canterbury Under-19s, New Zealand Academy, New Zealand Under-19s, Northern Districts Under-17s)
Cargill (South Taranaki)
A Cargill (Otago)
R Cargill (Wellington Under-17s)
WC Cargill (Wairarapa)
HS Cargo (Hamilton)
BA Carlaw (South Canterbury)
SJ Carlaw (South Canterbury)
JB Carleton (North Otago)
T Carleton (Buller High School)
A Carlisle (Manawatu)
TA Carlton (Canterbury, Otago, South Australia, Victoria)
NJ Carman (Northern Districts Second XI, Northland)
F Carmichael (umpire)
B Carmody (Auckland Under-17s)
C Carmody (Poverty Bay)
SW Carmont (Canterbury Under-17s, Canterbury Under-19s)
Carnachan (1st Divisional Team)
SJ Carnachan (Auckland Women, Northern Districts Women)
G Carnoutsos (Canterbury Under-23s)
BA Carpenter (Canterbury Under-20s)
A Carr (Northern Districts Under-20s)
AM Carr (Raroa Normal Intermediate School Girls)
B Carr (Southern Districts Women)
G Carr (umpire)
H Carr (Buller)
I Carr (King Country)
JNB Carr (St Andrew's College, Christchurch)
LI Carr (Mount Maunganui)
LT Carr (New Plymouth Boys High School)
N Carr (Wanganui Women)
PF Carr (Canterbury Women, Wellington Women)
W Carr (Otago)
Carrad (Wanganui)
JA Carradus (Wanganui)
PF Carrick (Canterbury Women, New Zealand Women, North Shore Women)
F Carrington (North Otago)
F Carrington (North Island Air Force)
R Carrington (Hamilton)
RM Carrington (Auckland)
SM Carrington (Northern Districts)
V Carrol (Rangitikei)
B Carroll (Wanganui)
J Carroll (Wairarapa)
J Carroll (Poverty Bay)
J Carroll (Auckland)
JW Carroll (Northern Military District)
LF Carroll (Wellington Women)
M Carroll (Wanganui)
M Carroll (Hutt Districts)
MC Carroll (Taranaki)
R Carroll (Poverty Bay)
R Carroll (New Zealand Universities)
S Carroll (Central Districts Women)
V Carroll (umpire)
V Carroll (Rangitikei)
NH Carruthers (Northern Districts Women)
EJ Carson (Otago Under-21s Women, St Hilda's Collegiate Secondary School)
F Carson (Southern Hawke's Bay)
G Carson (Bay of Plenty)
J Carson (Horowhenua)
JR Carson (Auckland, Northern Districts)
MJ Carson (Wanganui)
P Carson (Bay of Plenty)
R Carson (Onslow)
S Carson (Horowhenua)
W Carson (Otago)
W Carson (Southland)
WN Carson (Auckland)
PF Carsons (Hamilton, Northern Districts Under-19s)
TC Carsons (Tauranga Boys College, Tauranga Intermediate School)
EC Carston (Canterbury)
R Carswell (Southland)
RD Carswell (Northern Districts)
SK Carswell (umpire)
Carter (Auckland)
Carter (umpire)
C Carter (umpire)
D Carter (South Auckland)
E Carter (Wellington Women)
EB Carter (Weston Primary School Girls)
G Carter (Northland)
GD Carter (King Country)
J Carter (Nelson)
J Carter (Upper Valley)
JF Carter (Northern Districts)
JM Carter (Hutt Valley)
L Carter (North Taranaki)
LE Carter (St John's College, Hamilton)
LJ Carter (Canterbury)
MJ Carter (Wairarapa)
N Carter (Waikato)
R Carter (South Canterbury)
R Carter (Otago XI)
RWH Carter (New Zealand Services)
SG Carter (Hutt Valley High School Boys)
T Carter (Petone-Eastbourne Second XI)
W Carter (Ashburton County)
WR Carter (Raroa Normal Intermediate School Girls)
AF Cartwright (Counties)
AG Cartwright (Otago)
DA Cartwright (North Otago)
ND Cartwright (North Otago)
P Cartwright (North Otago)
A Carver (Southland)
HR Carver (New Zealand Universities, Wanganui)
W Carver (Eastern Districts of Southland, Southland)
W Carver (Southland)
JS Case (Canterbury)
BJ Casey (Canterbury Under-20s)
LF Casey (Otago)
LF Casey (West Coast (South Island))
P Casey (King Country)
RW Casey (umpire)
JC Cassidy (Cornwall)
WJ Cassidy (South Auckland, Waikato)
HB Cassie (umpire)
G Cassin (Counties)
PA Cassrels (Auckland Second XI, Auckland Under-22s)
DHE Castaing (Auckland Under-20s)
DJ Castle (Karori)
LJ Castle (Canterbury Secondary Schools)
L Castles (Southern Hawke's Bay)
CJ Cate (Buller)
G Cate (Wanganui Women B)
WA Cate (Wellington)
SB Cater (Wellington)
BA Cates (umpire)
BS Cates (Auckland A)
G Cates (Auckland Under-17s, Auckland Under-19s)
JR Catherwood (Raroa Normal Intermediate School Girls)
OG Catherwood (Raroa Normal Intermediate School Girls)
W Catherwood (Canterbury Under-17s, Canterbury Under-19s)
DA Cathey (Auckland Under-20s)
BS Cations (umpire)
MD Catley (Hamilton, Marlborough)
CH Cato (Hawke's Bay)
A Catt (umpire)
Cattanach (Poverty Bay)
BA Cattermole (Canterbury Women)
J Catto (North Otago)
CM Cavanagh (Wellington Women)
S Cavanagh (Balmacewen Intermediate School Girls)
VG Cavanagh (Otago)
Cave (South Canterbury)
AN Cave (umpire)
AN Cave (Wanganui)
B Cave (umpire)
HB Cave (Central Districts, New Zealand, New Zealand XI, Wellington)
HB Cave (Wanganui)
HB Cave (West Coast (North Island))
HE Cave (Poverty Bay)
KH Cave (Poverty Bay, South Taranaki, Wanganui)
KH Cave (West Coast (North Island))
LP Cave (Wanganui)
LP Cave (West Coast (North Island))
SF Cave (South Canterbury)
WB Cave (Wanganui)
AM Cavill (Wellington Second XI)
JM Cawley (Canterbury Women)
SA Cawtheray (Canterbury Women)
Caygill (Ashburton County)
ER Caygill (Canterbury)
O Caygill (umpire)
DR Cederman (Central Districts)
ED Cederman (Nelson)
AM Cederwall (Auckland Under-20s, Wellington Second XI)
BW Cederwall (Wellington)
DF Cederwall (Poverty Bay)
DM Cederwall (Wellington Under-20s, Wellington Under-23s)
GN Cederwall (Wellington)
Chadban (Rotorua)
C Chadwick (Canterbury Under-19s)
C Chadwick (East Christchurch-Shirley)
CS Chadwick (Otago)
ES Chadwick (New Zealand Universities)
L Chadwick (Otago)
LN Chadwick (Otago)
MB Chadwick (Royal New Zealand Air Force)
RGB Chadwick (Bay of Plenty, Hawke's Bay)
RJM Chadwick (Hawke's Bay, Otago)
RA Chaffey (North Otago, Sherborne School)
OD Chakraborty (Auckland Under-19s)
JW Chalk (West Coast (South Island))
RS Challies (Central Districts, Wellington)
JP Challis (Auckland Development XI, Auckland Under-17s, Auckland Under-19s)
M Challis (Balmacewen Intermediate School)
M Chalmers (North Shore Women)
B Chamberlain (New Plymouth Girls High School)
BT Chamberlain (Canterbury Under-19s)
E Chamberlain (Invercargill Women)
GB Chamberlain (Canterbury Country, Canterbury Second XI, Canterbury Under-19s, North Canterbury)
HJ Chamberlain (Canterbury)
MC Chamberlain (Canterbury)
SG Chamberlain (Canterbury Country, Canterbury Under-18s, Canterbury Under-19s, Christ's College, Christchurch)
SM Chamberlain (St Albans Women)
AST Chambers (Canterbury Under-19s, New Zealand Under-19s)
GL Chambers (Auckland Under-20s)
KS Chambers (Canterbury)
L Chambers (Canterbury Under-17s)
R Chambers (Wairau)
ST Chambers (Canterbury Under-20s, Canterbury Under-23s)
T Chambers (Royal New Zealand Air Force)
BJ Champness (Central Military District)
BJ Champness (Canterbury B)
SP Chan (Canterbury, Wellington)
AC Chandler (Wellington College)
B Chandler (Buller)
BL Chandler (Wellington Under-18s Women, Wellington Under-21s Women)
GA Chandler (Hutt Valley)
JA Chandler (Northern Districts Under-23s)
PJB Chandler (New Zealand A, Wellington)
WA Chandler (Wellington College)
WR Chandler (umpire)
LP Chandulal (King's School, Auckland)
M Chaplin (King's School, Auckland)
RK Chaplin (Royal New Zealand Air Force)
Chapman (Southern Hawke's Bay)
AT Chapman (Canterbury)
DJ Chapman (Wellington Under-20s)
H Chapman (Wellington)
HJ Chapman (Ashburton County)
HJ Chapman (umpire)
I Chapman (South Canterbury)
JE Chapman (Wellington)
JH Chapman (umpire)
L Chapman (Ashburton County)
LJ Chapman (Canterbury Under-17s, Canterbury Under-19s, Christchurch Boys High School, Heaton Intermediate School Boys)
M Chapman (Otago)
M Chapman (Bay of Plenty)
M Chapman (Napier Technical Old Boys)
ME Chapman (Wellington Women)
P Chapman (Rangitikei)
PR Chapman (umpire)
MS Chapman-Smith (Cambridge University Centre of Cricketing Excellence)
ME Chapple (Canterbury, Central Districts, New Zealand, New Zealand XI)
BJ Chard (New Zealand Under-19s, Northern Districts Under-19s, Northland)
Charles (Poverty Bay)
AI Charles (umpire)
KS Charles (Auckland Women, New Zealand Women, North Shore Women)
LA Charles (Hawke's Bay)
J Charlton (Villa Maria College, Christchurch)
S Charman (Hamilton)
JPS Charteris (King's School, Auckland)
SE Charteris (Canterbury Women, New Zealand A Women, New Zealand Women)
WJ Charteris (Wellington Women)
Chatfield (Pio Pio College)
EJ Chatfield (New Zealand, Wellington)
GM Chatfield (Central Districts Under-23s, Midlands, Northern Districts Second XI, Southern Hawke's Bay)
RE Chatfield (Wellington A, Wellington Under-17s)
AK Chaudhary (umpire)
A Chauhan (Wellington Collegians)
N Cheer (Southern Hawke's Bay)
J Cheevers (Taranaki)
BD Chemaly (Auckland Under-17s, Auckland Under-19s, Cornwall)
LA Chemis (Victoria University, Wellington, Wellington Under-19s)
RJ Chenery (Central Districts Women)
C Cherrie (Mount Albert Grammar School)
CI Cherrington (Northern Districts Under-17s, Northland)
RWH Cherry (Otago)
VJT Chettleburgh (Otago)
PRG Chetwin (New Zealand Universities, Otago Under-20s)
HB Chhagan (Counties Manukau, Northern Districts Under-19s)
R Chhiba (Takapuna Normal Intermediate)
BO Child (Northern Districts, Northland)
CC Child (Waikato Valley)
D Child (Northland)
EL Child (Auckland, Northern Districts)
JS Child (Northern Districts Under-19s, Northern Districts Under-20s, Northland)
M Child (Northern Districts Under-17s)
MJ Child (Northern Districts)
NL Child (Northland)
CW Childs (Otago Under-20s, Otago Under-23s, Southland)
E Childs (Essex Services, New Zealand Services)
EM Childs (Wairarapa)
J Childs (New Zealand Universities)
MD Childs (Central Districts Under-20s, Greytown, Wairarapa)
QL Childs (Central Districts Under-17s, Central Districts Under-19s, Wairarapa)
R Chilton (Canterbury Under-20s, Nelson)
N Chin (Wellington Girls College)
RC Chin (Wellington Development Women, Wellington Under-21s Women)
IAC Ching (Auckland Schoolgirls, St Kentigern College, Auckland Girls)
IH Ching (Central Districts)
JL Ching (Nelson)
E Chipchase (scorer)
BI Chiplin (Auckland Second XI, Auckland Under-20s, Counties, Northern Districts Second XI)
WDA Chisholm (Marlborough, Nelson)
WE Chisholm (Wellington)
EB Chisnall (umpire)
RS Chisnall (umpire)
A Chitre (Wellington Collegians)
G Chittenden (Nelson)
RK Chittock (Otago Women)
JM Chitty (Nelson, Northern Districts Under-23s, Northland)
T Chitty (Auckland Under-20s)
VA Chitty (Counties Manukau)
H Choat (Waikato)
LR Chowdhury (Raroa Normal Intermediate School)
LJ Chrisp (Eastern Suburbs, Frome, New Zealand Under-19s, Wellington A, Wellington Under-17s, Wellington Under-19s)
L Christall (Rangitikei)
BM Christensen (Bay of Plenty, Otumoetai Cadets)
EL Christensen (North Taranaki, Taranaki, Wellington Country)
H Christensen (Wairarapa)
JA Christensen (Otumoetai Cadets)
JH Christensen (Canterbury Under-20s, Canterbury Under-23s)
Christian (Royal New Zealand Navy)
PJ Christian (Wellington Second XI, Wellington Under-22s)
W Christiansen (South Auckland)
Christie (South Taranaki)
D Christie (Ashburton County)
I Christie (Southland)
GF Christmas (Nelson)
CO Christophers (Poverty Bay)
RM Christopherson (Northern Districts)
WJR Christopherson (Wellington)
MJ Chrystal (umpire)
GB Chrystall (Rangitikei)
J Chrystall (Huntley School)
MW Chu (John McGlashan College, New Zealand Under-18s, New Zealand Under-19s, Otago A, Otago Boys High School, Otago Under-17s, Otago Under-19s)
I Chudleigh (Tai Tapu School)
Church (Oamaru)
Church (Oamaru)
B Church (Otago)
GA Churchill (Royal New Zealand Air Force)
D Claassen (Waikato Valley)
DP Claffey (Otago)
W Clancy (West Coast (South Island))
E Clapham (Poverty Bay)
AJ Clare (Northern Districts Under-19s, Poverty Bay)
C Clare (Wanganui)
CD Clare (Central Districts Under-17s, Central Districts Under-19s, Manawatu)
JW Clare (St John's College, Hamilton)
S Clare (Berkley Normal Middle School)
SW Clare (Poverty Bay)
Clarence (scorer)
RJ Claridge (Taranaki)
SA Claridge (Hutt Valley, Wellington Under-20s)
V Claridge (Palmerston North Girls High School)
Clark (Nelson)
Clark (Wairarapa)
Clark (Mel Brown's XI)
Clark (Franklin)
B Clark (Midlands)
B Clark (Green Island)
C Clark (Waikato)
C Clark (umpire)
C Clark (Otago Under-17s, Otago Under-19s, Southland)
CC Clark (Auckland)
CR Clark (Canterbury)
D Clark (Wellington XI)
DJ Clark (Northern Districts Under-19s, Northern Districts Under-20s)
GA Clark (umpire)
GH Clark (Otago)
GS Clark (King's High School, Dunedin)
H Clark (Franklin)
J Clark (Central Districts Women, New Zealand Under-25s Women, New Zealand Women, Wellington Women)
J Clark (umpire)
J Clark (Taranaki Women)
JA Clark (Karori)
JB Clark (Otago)
JL Clark (Otago Women)
JM Clark (Wellington Women)
JR Clark (Nelson)
JT Clark (Huntley School)
L Clark (Nelson)
LA Clark (Auckland, New Zealand XI, Otago, Wellington)
LF Clark (Central Districts Under-17s, Nelson College)
LG Clark (Otago)
M Clark (Waikato)
M Clark (Wairau)
MJ Clark (Auckland)
NC Clark (Central Districts Under-19s, Nelson, Nelson College)
S Clark (North City)
SR Clark (Northern Districts Under-19s)
T Clark (West Coast (South Island))
TL Clark (Auckland)
U Clark (Poverty Bay)
W Clark (South Canterbury)
W Clark (Otago Women)
WJ Clark (Central Districts Under-17s)
Clarke (West Coast (South Island))
A Clarke (Southern Hawke's Bay)
A Clarke (Central Otago)
AE Clarke (New South Wales, Otago, Wellington)
B Clarke (New Zealand Services)
BR Clarke (Hutt Valley, Nelson, Marlborough and Hutt Valley)
CG Clarke (Taranaki)
D Clarke (Wellington Collegians)
DB Clarke (Auckland, Northern Districts)
DS Clarke (Northern Districts)
E Clarke (Wairarapa)
E Clarke (Nelson Women)
F Clarke (New Zealand Services)
G Clarke (scorer)
GA Clarke (Northern Districts Under-23s)
GL Clarke (Otago Women)
H Clarke (Northern Maori)
I Clarke (Heaton Intermediate School)
J Clarke (Bay of Plenty)
J Clarke (Buller)
JR Clarke (Franklin, Southern Hawke's Bay)
JW Clarke (Canterbury Under-20s, Wellington, Wellington Under-20s)
KD Clarke (Counties Manukau, Mount Albert Grammar School, New Zealand Under-18s, New Zealand Under-19s, Northern Districts Under-19s, Pukekohe Metro)
KDC Clarke (Hamilton Boys High School, Northern Districts Under-17s, Northern Districts Under-19s, Waikato Valley)
KM Clarke (Raroa Normal Intermediate School)
MPJ Clarke (Hamilton Boys High School, Waikato Valley)
R Clarke (Wairarapa)
SR Clarke (Otago Under-20s)
T Clarke (Southern Hawke's Bay)
T Clarke (West Coast (South Island))
TA Clarke (Heaton Intermediate School Boys)
TJ Clarke (Bay of Plenty, Poverty Bay, Quick Haag, Quick Haag Second XI)
TM Clarke (Northern Districts)
W Clarke (Canterbury Women)
W Clarke (Belmont Intermediate School)
WH Clarke (North Taranaki)
WV Clarke (Hawke's Bay)
FN Clarkson (Otago Under-20s)
J Clarkson (Sydenham)
JA Clarkson (Central Districts)
L Clausen (West Coast Women Second XI)
D Clavis (Hamilton Eastern Suburbs)
J Claydon (Midlands)
C Clayforth (Auckland)
DLJ Clayton (Auckland)
F Clayton (Canterbury)
FC Clayton (Southland)
FD Clayton (Otago)
JO Clayton (Southland)
PB Clayton (Canterbury Under-20s, New Zealand Universities, Northern Districts Under-23s, Poverty Bay)
CW Cleal (Auckland Grammar School, King's School, Auckland)
OB Cleal (Auckland Under-20s)
OC Cleal (Auckland)
JD Clearwater (Tahuna Intermediate School Boys)
JD Clearwater (King's High School, Dunedin)
T Cleary (Taranaki)
RH Cleave (Auckland)
T Cleave (Bay of Plenty)
BS Cleaver (Central Districts Under-18s, Central Districts Under-19s, Manawatu, Palmerston North Boys High School)
C Cleaver (Taranaki)
D Cleaver (Central Districts Under-20s, Taranaki)
D Cleaver (Central Districts)
MR Cleaver (Taranaki)
R Cleaver (Taranaki)
C Clegg (North Taranaki)
D Clegg (Taranaki)
MJ Clegg (Auckland Second XI, Auckland Under-19s, Auckland Under-20s, Auckland Youth, Wellington Second XI)
PJ Clegg (Wellington Under-20s)
S Clegg (King's School, Auckland)
AE Cleghorn (Auckland Women)
J Cleland (Otago Under-19s)
PH Clemance (Timaru)
G Clement (King Country)
CN Clements (umpire)
MA Clements (Canterbury Under-20s, Canterbury Under-23s)
Clementson (umpire)
HD Clementson (scorer)
DC Cleverley (Auckland, Central Districts, New Zealand)
W Clews (New Zealand Army, New Zealand Defence Force)
DN Cliffe (Auckland Women)
KR Cliffe (Auckland Under-20s)
Clifford (umpire)
Clifford (Marlborough)
EWE Clifford (umpire)
W Clifford (Nelson)
BA Climo (Wanganui)
F Climo (Central Districts Under-17s, Central Districts Under-19s)
H Clinton Baker (Wairarapa)
A Cloake (Canterbury Under-21s Women)
BE Cloake (Central Districts Women)
E Close (Christ's College, Christchurch)
IJ Clothier (Auckland Women, New Zealand Women)
S Clotworthy (Whangarei Boys High School)
AL Clough (New Zealand Women, Otago Women)
RC Clough (Piako, South Auckland, Waikato)
TN Clout (Bay of Plenty, Greerton, Northern Districts Under-18s, Northern Districts Under-19s, Tauranga Boys College)
SRL Clulee (John McGlashan College)
MA Clulow (New Zealand Army)
Clunie (Hawke's Bay)
LD Clydesdale (King's High School, Dunedin, Tahuna Intermediate School Boys)
T Clydesdale (Otago Under-17s)
M Clyma (Otago Women)
Coates (Oamaru)
Coates (Oamaru)
JE Coates (Canterbury Under-20s)
JM Coates (Otago Women)
MJ Coates (Epsom Girls Grammar School)
NF Coates (umpire)
RJ Coates (Auckland)
HC Coatson (Otago)
Cobb (Christ's College, Christchurch)
DM Cobb (Auckland Women, North Shore Women)
R Cobbe (Manawatu)
P Cobby (Canterbury Women Second XI)
LT Cobcroft (Canterbury, New South Wales, Wellington)
AP Cobden (Canterbury)
B Cobden (Canterbury, North Canterbury)
W Cobden (Otago)
BP Coburn (Canterbury)
E Cochran
BJ Cochrane (Fraser Technical Old Boys, New Zealand Maori, Northern Districts Under-17s, Northern Districts Under-19s, Northland)
E Cochrane (Northern North-West New South Wales Country Colts)
N Cochrane (West Coast (South Island))
WA Cochrane (Southland)
E Cochron (Medbury School)
C Cockburn (Wellington)
RN Cockburn (Canterbury Under-19s, Mid-Canterbury)
TE Cockburn (Canterbury Under-23s, New Zealand Under-23s)





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