Lowest Total for Each Team Against Jamaica

90Barbados v JamaicaMelbourne Park, Kingston1958f22349
90Barbados v JamaicaSabina Park, Kingston2011/12f54000
162British Guiana v JamaicaSabina Park, Kingston1950/51f19059
80Combined Leeward and Windward Islands v JamaicaAntigua Recreation Ground, St John's1970/71f28624
41Guyana v JamaicaSabina Park, Kingston1985/86f36133
275Ireland v JamaicaChedwin Park, Spanish Town2009/10f52369
302Kenya v JamaicaQueen's Park (New), St George's2003/04f47765
97Lancashire v JamaicaSabina Park, Kingston1986/87f36939
71Leeward Islands v JamaicaSabina Park, Kingston2016/17f57816
96Sussex v JamaicaCounty Ground, Hove1970f28367
109Trinidad v JamaicaSabina Park, Kingston1905f6721
72Trinidad and Tobago v JamaicaAlpart Sports Club, Nain1999/00f44937
55Windward Islands v JamaicaAlpart Sports Club, Nain1998/99f44175
325Yorkshire v JamaicaMelbourne Park, Kingston1935/36f15271
129A Priestley's XI v JamaicaSabina Park, Kingston1896/97f4620
240Australians v JamaicaSabina Park, Kingston1977/78f32015
142Bangladesh A v JamaicaChedwin Park, Spanish Town2001/02f46499
99Combined Campuses and Colleges v JamaicaKensington Park, Kingston2007/08f50564
181Combined XI v JamaicaQueen's Park Oval, Port of Spain1938/39f16425
218Duke of Norfolk's XI v JamaicaMelbourne Park, Kingston1956/57f21666
188England A v JamaicaSabina Park, Kingston2000/01f45611
358England Lions v JamaicaSabina Park, Kingston2010/11f53094
371England XI v JamaicaSabina Park, Kingston1985/86f36239
93Gentlemen of Philadelphia v JamaicaSabina Park, Kingston1908/09f7610
119India A v JamaicaSabina Park, Kingston2002/03f47201
140Indians v JamaicaSabina Park, Kingston1952/53f19932
163International Cavaliers v JamaicaSabina Park, Kingston1963/64f25122
146LH Tennyson's XI v JamaicaMelbourne Park, Kingston1926/27f11864
121Lord Brackley's XI v JamaicaSabina Park, Kingston1904/05f6523
188Lord Tennyson's XI v JamaicaSabina Park, Kingston1931/32f13767
103Marylebone Cricket Club v JamaicaSabina Park, Kingston1910/11f8193
156New Zealanders v JamaicaSabina Park, Kingston1971/72f29036
99Oxford and Cambridge Universities v JamaicaSabina Park, Kingston1938f16310
297Pakistanis v JamaicaMelbourne Park, Kingston1957/58f22126
326RA Bennett's XI v JamaicaSabina Park, Kingston1901/02f5752
83RS Lucas' XI v JamaicaSabina Park, Kingston1894/95f4190
217Sir J Cahn's XI v JamaicaMelbourne Park, Kingston1928/29f12600
94West Indies B v JamaicaKaiser Sports Club, Discovery Bay2002/03f47159





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