Most Wickets in an Innings for Jamaica

6-19LR Williams v BermudaAlpart Sports Club, Nain1997/98a10723
6-34DK Jacobs v ICC AmericasWindward Park, Lucas Street2016/17a25161
6-45AD Russell v BarbadosSabina Park, Kingston2010/11a20831
5-12LR Williams v United States of AmericaKaiser Sports Club, Discovery Bay2000/01a12972
5-22DK Jacobs v ICC AmericasSir Frank Worrell Memorial Ground, St Augustine2015/16a24505
5-23DBL Powell v Trinidad and TobagoKaiser Sports Club, Discovery Bay2002/03a14509
5-24MLC Foster v BarbadosKensington Oval, Bridgetown1975/76a1594
5-24DK Jacobs v ICC AmericasThree Ws Oval, Cave Hill2016/17a25125
5-26AM McCarthy v Leeward IslandsCoolidge Cricket Ground, Coolidge2017/18a26109
5-27CA Walsh v Trinidad and TobagoQueen's Park Oval, Port of Spain1988/89a5941
5-36R Powell v Trinidad and TobagoCoolidge Cricket Ground, Coolidge2016/17a25171
5-37RA Austin v Windward IslandsMindoo Phillip Park, Castries1979/80a2601
5-40JE Taylor v GuyanaKensington Oval, Bridgetown2016/17a25099
5-42AD Russell v IrelandKaiser Sports Club, Discovery Bay2009/10a20523
5-46LR Williams v Trinidad and TobagoJarrett Park, Montego Bay1994/95a9103
5-66JJC Lawson v BarbadosKensington Park, Kingston2006/07a17914
4-9DC Dixon v Windward IslandsAlcoa Sports Club, Alcoa1984/85a4298
4-13BP Patterson v Trinidad and TobagoSabina Park, Kingston1990/91a6907
4-13RO Cunningham v MalaysiaVictoria Institute, Kuala Lumpur1998/99a11390
4-15CA Walsh v Trinidad and TobagoChedwin Park, Spanish Town1997/98a10718
4-16FA Rose v Windward IslandsSabina Park, Kingston1999/00a12230
4-20DBL Powell v Rest of Leeward IslandsSabina Park, Kingston2002/03a14458
4-20BP Nash v GuyanaThree Ws Oval, Cave Hill2007/08a18440
4-21MN Samuels v Trinidad and TobagoBourda, Georgetown2004/05a16195
4-22MA Holding v Leeward IslandsAntigua Recreation Ground, St John's1983/84a3972
4-22RC Haynes v Windward IslandsKaiser Sports Club, Discovery Bay1995/96a9468
4-22NO Miller v GuyanaCoolidge Cricket Ground, Coolidge2017/18a26048
4-23JE Taylor v Windward IslandsAlpart Sports Club, Nain2003/04a15395
4-24CH Gayle v BermudaAlpart Sports Club, Nain1999/00a12220
4-24GR Breese v BarbadosThree Ws Oval, Cave Hill2005/06a16890
4-24DE Bernard v GuyanaGuyana National Stadium, Providence2012/13a22571
4-26CA Walsh v Leeward IslandsSabina Park, Kingston1981/82a3238
4-26AG Daley v GuyanaSabina Park, Kingston1985/86a4707
4-26RC Haynes v Leeward IslandsGrove Park, Charlestown1987/88a5548
4-27RC Haynes v Windward IslandsSabina Park, Kingston1993/94a8533
4-28P Salmon v GuyanaCoolidge Cricket Ground, Coolidge2017/18a26152
4-30AG Barrett v GuyanaKensington Oval, Bridgetown1972/73a866
4-30JA Williams v GuyanaJarrett Park, Montego Bay1979/80a2600
4-30FR Redwood v Leeward IslandsSabina Park, Kingston1993/94a8524
4-32CA Walsh v GuyanaAlpart Sports Club, Nain1983/84a3890
4-33KHA Powell v Leeward IslandsSabina Park, Kingston1996/97a10080
4-33OV Brown v CanadaKaiser Sports Club, Discovery Bay2009/10a20525
4-34JE Taylor v United States of AmericaThree Ws Oval, Cave Hill2018/19a26847
4-35JH Merchant v BarbadosConaree Sports Club, Conaree2019/20a27798
4-36AP Richardson v CanadaBourda, Georgetown2008/09a19233
4-38CU Thompson v BarbadosKensington Oval, Bridgetown1977/78a2089
4-38RC Haynes v Trinidad and TobagoKaiser Sports Club, Discovery Bay1996/97a10084
4-39JJC Lawson v South AfricansChedwin Park, Spanish Town2004/05a16612
4-40D Bulli v CanadaConaree Sports Club, Conaree2019/20a27791
4-41BM Brown v South AfricansChedwin Park, Spanish Town2004/05a16612
4-41AM McCarthy v BarbadosWarner Park, Basseterre2019/20a27740
4-43JD Campbell v GuyanaKensington Oval, Bridgetown2016/17a25145
4-43JD Campbell v BarbadosKensington Oval, Bridgetown2016/17a25151
4-44DC Green v Leeward IslandsThree Ws Oval, Cave Hill2018/19a26804
4-45NO Perry v Trinidad and TobagoJarrett Park, Montego Bay1994/95a9103
4-45MN Samuels v Trinidad and TobagoSabina Park, Kingston2006/07a17951
4-48MC Neita v Trinidad and TobagoSabina Park, Kingston1984/85a4288
4-52OR Thomas v BarbadosWarner Park, Basseterre2019/20a27740
4-59FR Redwood v BarbadosSabina Park, Kingston1994/95a9113
4-64DBL Powell v Windward IslandsMount Gay North Stars, Crab Hill2005/06a16876





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