Karachi Zone I Under-19s v Karachi Zone IV Under-19s
Inter-District Under 19 Tournament 2014 (Karachi Region)
VenuePak Star Ground, Malir, Karachi on 4th, 5th May 2014 (2-day match)
Balls per over6
TossKarachi Zone I Under-19s won the toss and decided to bat
ResultKarachi Zone I Under-19s won by 70 runs
PointsKarachi Zone I Under-19s 9; Karachi Zone IV Under-19s 0
UmpiresHashim Ali Uns, Kashif Sohail
Close of play day 1

Karachi Zone I Under-19s first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Sami Afridic Mohammad Shahrukh b Adil Jahanzaib26     
*Jawad Alamc Amanullah b Najeeb Memon39     
Saad Alamc Adil Jahanzaib b Amanullah54     
Umar Abdul Rehmanc Mohammad Yaqoob b Adil Jahanzaib71     
Fawad Abbasilbw b Amanullah24     
Akbar Babarnot out98     
+Shamriaz Janc Mohammad Saeed b Adil Jahanzaib23     
Abdul Samadlbw b Adil Jahanzaib0     
Ahsan Iqbalc Mohammad Arsalan Farzand b Adil Jahanzaib10     
Wasif Hussainnot out0     
Widwanullahdid not bat      
Extras(5 b, 3 lb, 1 nb, 1 w)10
Total(8 wickets, innings closed, 70 overs)355
Fall of wickets:
1-56, 2-70, 3-171, 4-211, 5-228, 6-320, 7-330, 8-354
Karachi Zone IV Under-19s bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Asadullah Hamza5   03001-
Mohammad Farrukh4   0250--
Mohammad Saeed15   1740--
Adil Jahanzaib23   31055-1
Najeeb Memon8   0471--
Amanullah8   1322--
Mohammad Yaqoob5   0260--
Amir Idrees2   080--

Karachi Zone IV Under-19s first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
*Amir Idreesc Umar Abdul Rehman b Wasif Hussain64     
Mohammad Yaqoobc Sami Afridi b Akbar Babar35     
+Mohammad Arsalan Farzandc Shamriaz Jan b Abdul Samad11     
Amanullahc Umar Abdul Rehman b Wasif Hussain1     
Mohammad Shahrukhc Umar Abdul Rehman b Widwanullah64     
Ali Raza Ansaric Saad Alam b Widwanullah6     
Najeeb Memonc Umar Abdul Rehman b Abdul Samad0     
Adil Jahanzaibc Wasif Hussain b Widwanullah0     
Mohammad Saeednot out0     
Asadullah Hamzarun out (Wasif Hussain)0     
Mohammad Farrukhc Sami Afridi b Abdul Samad0     
Extras(1 nb, 1 w)2
Total(all out, 44.2 overs)183
Fall of wickets:
1-59, 2-85, 3-86, 4-137, 5-182, 6-183, 7-183, 8-183, 9-183, 10-183 (44.2 ov)
Karachi Zone I Under-19s bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Ahsan Iqbal5   0240--
Abdul Samad18.21843--
Akbar Babar4   181--
Jawad Alam2   0130--
Wasif Hussain12   447211
Widwanullah3   273--

Karachi Zone I Under-19s second inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Sami Afridinot out39     
*Jawad Alamc Mohammad Arsalan Farzand b Mohammad Farrukh7     
Saad Alamb Mohammad Saeed12     
Umar Abdul Rehmannot out24     
Abdul Samaddid not bat      
Ahsan Iqbaldid not bat      
+Shamriaz Jandid not bat      
Fawad Abbasidid not bat      
Widwanullahdid not bat      
Akbar Babardid not bat      
Wasif Hussaindid not bat      
Extras(9 b)9
Total(2 wickets, declared, 8 overs)91
Fall of wickets:
1-28, 2-54
Karachi Zone IV Under-19s bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Asadullah Hamza2   0210--
Mohammad Farrukh2   0171--
Mohammad Saeed2   0191--
Adil Jahanzaib2   0250--

Karachi Zone IV Under-19s second inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
*Amir Idreeslbw b Abdul Samad20     
Mohammad Yaqoobc Akbar Babar b Abdul Samad2     
+Mohammad Arsalan Farzandc Widwanullah b Abdul Samad33     
Mohammad Shahrukhc Jawad Alam b Abdul Samad7     
Amanullahb Abdul Samad11     
Ali Raza Ansarist Shamriaz Jan b Jawad Alam24     
Najeeb Memonb Jawad Alam8     
Mohammad Saeedc Saad Alam b Jawad Alam2     
Adil Jahanzaibc Saad Alam b Akbar Babar72     
Asadullah Hamzac Ahsan Iqbal b Abdul Samad6     
Mohammad Farrukhnot out0     
Extras(4 b, 3 lb, 1 nb)8
Total(all out, 51.2 overs)193
Fall of wickets:
1-22, 2-27, 3-39, 4-65, 5-98, 6-102, 7-110, 8-117, 9-193, 10-193 (51.2 ov)
Karachi Zone I Under-19s bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Ahsan Iqbal2   110--
Akbar Babar11   3261--
Abdul Samad19.24766--
Wasif Hussain5   1170--
Widwanullah4   1240--
Jawad Alam10   3423-1

--> Each first innings was limited to 70 overs





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