Lahore North Zone Blues Under-19s v Lahore West Zone Whites Under-19s
Inter-District Under 19 Tournament 2014 (Lahore Region)
VenueStags Cricket Ground, Lahore on 4th, 5th May 2014 (2-day match)
Balls per over6
TossLahore North Zone Blues Under-19s won the toss and decided to bat
ResultMatch drawn
PointsLahore North Zone Blues Under-19s 0; Lahore West Zone Whites Under-19s 3
UmpiresAhmed Nadeem Mir (Pakistan), Wasimuddin
Close of play day 1

Lahore North Zone Blues Under-19s first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Azeem Sabirc Hanan Rafiq b Ahmed Shafiq36     
Gauhar Hafeezc Saif-ur-Rehman b Ahmed Shafiq73     
Mohammad Aamerc Fakhar Imran b Ahmed Shafiq4     
Hamza Malikc Hasnain Ashraf b Ahmed Shafiq15     
Moin Tahirc Shahbaz Javed b Ahmed Shafiq47     
Abubakar Khanc Hanan Rafiq b Asad Ullah16     
+Miknan Alic Hanan Rafiq b Ahmed Shafiq0     
Waqas Malikc Hanan Rafiq b Fakhar Imran5     
Nasir Nisarb Fakhar Imran31     
*Aftab Azwarnot out5     
Mohammad Abdullahc Shahbaz Javed b Ahmed Shafiq9     
Extras(4 b, 2 lb, 1 nb, 2 w)9
Total(all out, 54.1 overs)250
Fall of wickets:
1-60, 2-108, 3-181, 4-184, 5-184, 6-203, 7-204, 8-204, 9-241, 10-250 (54.1 ov)
Lahore West Zone Whites Under-19s bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Hanan Rafiq6   14501-
Asad Ullah8   140111
Ahmed Shafiq22.17737--
Hasnain Ashraf3   0120--
Fakhar Imran13   1542--
Saif-ur-Rehman2   0200--

Lahore West Zone Whites Under-19s first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Rizwan Hussainc Miknan Ali b Aftab Azwar6     
*Nauman Qasimnot out150     
Fakhar Imranc Mohammad Abdullah b Moin Tahir36     
Shahbaz Javedb Aftab Azwar91     
Hanan Rafiqc Mohammad Aamer b Nasir Nisar26     
Hasnain Ashrafc Hamza Malik b Mohammad Abdullah15     
+Farman Alinot out26     
Fahad Jamildid not bat      
Asad Ullahdid not bat      
Ahmed Shafiqdid not bat      
Saif-ur-Rehmandid not bat      
Extras(8 b, 3 lb, 7 nb, 1 w)19
Total(5 wickets, innings closed, 70 overs)369
Fall of wickets:
1-16, 2-95, 3-244, 4-297, 5-322
Lahore North Zone Blues Under-19s bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Aftab Azwar18   2106217
Azeem Sabir5   0250--
Mohammad Abdullah17   1861--
Moin Tahir13   2501--
Nasir Nisar14   0741--
Mohammad Aamer3   0170--

Lahore North Zone Blues Under-19s second inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Hamza Malikc Fahad Jamil b Hanan Rafiq76     
Gauhar Hafeezc and b Rizwan Hussain137     
Mohammad Aamerc Ahmed Shafiq b Nauman Qasim1     
+Miknan Alinot out4     
Abubakar Khannot out18     
Waqas Malikdid not bat      
Mohammad Abdullahdid not bat      
Moin Tahirdid not bat      
Azeem Sabirdid not bat      
Nasir Nisardid not bat      
*Aftab Azwardid not bat      
Extras(4 b, 1 lb, 2 nb)7
Total(3 wickets, 45 overs)243
Fall of wickets:
1-195, 2-218, 3-223
Lahore West Zone Whites Under-19s bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Hanan Rafiq6   1331--
Asad Ullah5   0290--
Ahmed Shafiq14   1800--
Saif-ur-Rehman5   1240--
Fakhar Imran8   1410-1
Nauman Qasim3   1111--
Rizwan Hussain4   0201-1

--> Each first innings was limited to 70 overs





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