Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood - Highest Team Totals in first-class cricket

729-6dAustralia v England1930f13160
682-6dSouth Africa v England2003f47375
665West Indians v Middlesex1939f16508
653-4dEngland v India1990f38833
652-8dWest Indies v England1973f29779
645-6dDurham v Middlesex2002f46641
642-9dNottinghamshire v Middlesex2006f49512
632-4dAustralia v England1993f40555
631-9dWarwickshire v Middlesex2001f45992
629England v India1974f30158
612-8dMiddlesex v Nottinghamshire1921f9890
610-5dAustralians v Gentlemen of England1948f18122
609-8dCambridge University v Marylebone Cricket Club1913f8879
608-7dMiddlesex v Hampshire1919f9364
608-7dWarwickshire v Middlesex2004f48005
607Marylebone Cricket Club v Cambridge University1902f5876
602-7dMiddlesex v Sussex1995f41841
596Middlesex v Somerset1908f7411
595-7dMarylebone Cricket Club v Cambridge University1894f4061
593-8dEngland v South Africa2008f50870
589-5dArmy v Royal Navy1928f12355
587Middlesex v Nottinghamshire1995f41852
585Surrey v Middlesex1999f44558
583-7dMarylebone Cricket Club v Oxford University1896f4486
583Middlesex v Essex2008f50853
581-7dNorthamptonshire v Middlesex2010f52459
579-5dSurrey v Middlesex1926f11773
579Players v Gentlemen1926f11661
577Middlesex v Sussex1938f16142
576-6dMarylebone Cricket Club v Scotland1922f10216
575-9dEngland v Sri Lanka2014f55667
573-8dMiddlesex v Yorkshire2015f56519
573Middlesex v Leicestershire1932f14058
572-8dArmy v Marylebone Cricket Club1920f9599
568Surrey v Middlesex2003f47326
568England v West Indies2004f48048
566-8dAustralia v England2015f56470
565-7dLancashire v Middlesex2003f47277
559-6dAustralians v Marylebone Cricket Club1934f14532
558-7dSurrey v Marylebone Cricket Club1934f14511
557Worcestershire v Middlesex1994f41120
555-6dAustralians v Gentlemen of England1905f6567
555-8dSri Lanka v England2002f46624
554-8dEngland v South Africa1947f17562
553-5dEngland v West Indies2007f50075
552Australians v Marylebone Cricket Club1948f17900
551-5dMiddlesex v Leicestershire1993f40624
551-6dEngland v Sri Lanka2006f49378
551-9dNew Zealand v England1973f29669
550-9dMiddlesex v Kent2005f48802
549-6dSurrey v Yorkshire1914f9241
546Rest of the World XI v England1970f28250
546Nottinghamshire v Middlesex2005f48631
544-8dMiddlesex v Hampshire1911f8402
543-4dMiddlesex v Sussex1920f9580
543-7dMiddlesex v Warwickshire1920f9573
542Gentlemen v Players1926f11661
540Hampshire v Middlesex1928f12260
539-8dMarylebone Cricket Club v Sussex2004f47920
539-9dKent v Middlesex1928f12533
539Gloucestershire v Middlesex1928f12446
538-6dYorkshire v Middlesex1925f11222
537-9Sri Lanka v England2006f49378
537England v India1952f19622
536-9dMiddlesex v Durham2016f57209
533-7dArmy v Royal Navy1924f10988
533Leicestershire v Middlesex2008f50929
532-3Middlesex v Hampshire1928f12260
532Marylebone Cricket Club v Wales1925f11214
531-2dEngland v South Africa1924f10923
531-9dSurrey v Middlesex1997f43200
531Middlesex v Northamptonshire1997f43094
529-5dEngland v Sri Lanka2002f46624
528-3dEngland v Bangladesh2005f48692
528-8dYorkshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1919f9346
528-9dEngland v Pakistan2006f49440
528Middlesex v Essex1905f6703
528Australia v England1989f38155
527-5dMiddlesex v Warwickshire1922f10160
526Players v Australians1890f3502
526The Rest v Yorkshire1901f5726
525-7dMiddlesex v Warwickshire1939f16721
523Middlesex v Gloucestershire1892f3732
523New Zealand v England2015f56401
522Sussex v Middlesex2005f48778
522Glamorgan v Middlesex2011f53240
520-9dMiddlesex v Warwickshire2006f49393
518West Indies v England1980f33103
518Warwickshire v Lancashire2021f60518
514-8dMiddlesex v Surrey2013f54827
514England v Marylebone Cricket Club1887f3135
514Players v Gentlemen1924f10966
513-6dOxford University v Cambridge University1996f42480
513-7dMiddlesex v Gloucestershire1994f41254
513Lancashire v Middlesex2016f57153
511Middlesex v Durham1994f41151
510-5dMiddlesex v Nottinghamshire1990f38901
509-6dMiddlesex v Worcestershire1914f9089
509Marylebone Cricket Club Australian Touring Team v The Rest1912f8499
509Surrey v Middlesex1937f15957
508Middlesex v Worcestershire2004f48021
507-6dWarwickshire v Middlesex1927f11907
507-7Cambridge University v Marylebone Cricket Club1896f4477
507-7dMiddlesex v Essex2017f57883
505-5dMiddlesex v Nottinghamshire1988f37495
505Lancashire v Middlesex2006f49428
505Glamorgan v Middlesex2009f51574
505England v Bangladesh2010f52449
503-9dMarylebone Cricket Club v Sussex1905f6551
503Cambridge University v Marylebone Cricket Club1893f3896
503Oxford University v Cambridge University1900f5390
503Middlesex v Durham2006f49464
502-4dWorcestershire v Middlesex2002f46670
502-7dMiddlesex v Warwickshire2001f45992
502-8Players v Gentlemen1900f5402
502-9dMiddlesex v Hampshire1908f7385
502Middlesex v Gloucestershire1903f6069
502Australians v Marylebone Cricket Club1938f16094
501-3dMiddlesex v Lancashire1914f9128
501-8dMiddlesex v Somerset1911f8325
500-2dGentlemen v Players1903f6144
500-8dKent v Middlesex1910f7926



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