Teams Charlie Scott played for

Other FCDurham Marylebone Cricket Club University (2019)
Minor Counties ChampionshipHertfordshire (2019)
Second Eleven ChampionshipMiddlesex Second XI (2015-2018)
Second Eleven TrophyMiddlesex Second XI (2017)
Second Eleven Twenty20Middlesex Second XI (2017-2018)
Hertfordshire Premier LeaguePotters Bar (2015-2020)
North East Premier LeagueWashington (2021)
North Yorkshire and South Durham Premier LeagueHartlepool (2019)
Under-14 County CupHertfordshire Under-14s (2013)
 Middlesex Under-14s (2014)
Under-15 County CupMiddlesex Under-15s (2014-2015)
Under-17 County CupMiddlesex Under-17s (2015-2018)
Under-17 County ChampionshipMiddlesex Under-17s (2015-2018)
MiscellaneousHertfordshire Under-13s (2012)
 Middlesex Academy (2012-2015)
 Potters Bar (2015-2018)
 Middlesex Second XI (2015-2018)
 Hertfordshire Development XI (2015)
 Middlesex Under-19s (2016)
 ECB Elite Player Development London and East Under-17s (2017)
 Durham Marylebone Cricket Club University (2019)
 Durham University Centre of Cricketing Excellence (2021)



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