Teams Fateh Singh played for

Main ListANottinghamshire (2021)
Under-19 ODIEngland Under-19s (2021-2021/22)
Second Eleven ChampionshipNottinghamshire Second XI (2021)
Second Eleven Twenty20Nottinghamshire Second XI (2021)
Nottinghamshire Premier LeagueCavaliers and Carrington (2019-2021)
Under-14 County CupNottinghamshire Under-14s (2017-2018)
Under-15 County CupNottinghamshire Under-15s (2018-2019)
Under-17 County CupNottinghamshire Under-17s (2019)
Under-17 County ChampionshipNottinghamshire Under-17s (2019)
Under-18 County CupNottinghamshire Under-18s (2021)
Under-19 World CupEngland Under-19s (2021/22)
MiscellaneousYoung Lions (2016)
 Cavaliers and Carrington (2019-2021)
 Nottinghamshire Cricket Academy (2019)
 Nottinghamshire Under-18s (2020)
 Nottinghamshire Second XI (2021)
 ECB Elite Player Development Midlands Under-18s (2021)
 Young Lions B (2021)
 England Under-19s (2021/22)




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