Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1894 County Championship

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W Attewell40953441328796-3516.81 30
R Bagguley66550256145-8418.28 10
W Barnes275269952-719.80 00
AR Bennett165115611-5656.00 00
J Carlin301210    
HB Daft2201110233-2534.00 00
JA Dixon2541899114-189.00 00
T Flowers303100    
W Flowers1895117771547-2414.27 40
W Gunn8027111-471.00 00
A Handford114497436257-7517.44 30
RG Hardstaff119177463317-4414.93 11
RH Howitt9035721-1428.50 00
AO Jones10060    
S Lowe553190    
T Lowe652410    
RJ Mee93553399153-4026.60 00
JW Sharpe10584811-2048.00 00
J Turner10937211-1172.00 00
A Wilkinson3432613494-3214.88 00




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