Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1952

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AG Baxter6080    
TW Birtle12344259382-6874.12 00
HJ Butler46841831878756-6525.04 40
JD Clay524200    
RJ Giles6050    
G Goonesena21677811-7878.00 00
J Hardstaff4482720332-4067.66 00
PF Harvey40521821728455-6838.40 10
A Jepson44961721967536-9937.11 20
CS Matthews179463867195-2645.63 10
CJ Poole723450    
RT Simpson79438442103-4444.20 00
K Smales27631281259264-9248.42 00
FW Stocks39511851741415-6442.46 10
W Voce162115311-5353.00 00




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