Bowling in Australian Under-19 Championships 2012/13 (Ordered by Average)

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C Valente (SAus)50226178214-68.47 00
NP Winter (ACT)45913204174-1812.00 10
J Montgomery (ACT)2991211993-1413.22 00
J Wilde (WA)279811383-2114.12 00
T Derham (SAus)2921411683-1614.50 00
BM Ashkenazi (Vic)37111218154-2114.53 10
WG Bosisto (WA)16357553-2215.00 00
K Wisniewski (Tas)2898183124-2415.25 00
JM Miller (SAus)2341110773-2015.28 00
RA Lees (Tas)270913995-4115.44 10
B Stanlake (Qld)40217187125-4515.58 10
J Maher (NSW)3371613783-817.12 00
TS Rogers (NSW)3781115693-1617.33 00
M Kelly (WA)3361510662-1517.66 00
KR Smith (SAus)10865732-1819.00 00
A Rule (WA)2791013473-4719.14 00
JJ Bazley (Qld)330915883-4319.75 00
TV Russ (Vic)264511963-1719.83 00
MT Steketee (Qld)288713973-3419.85 00
J Storay (Tas)150310152-2420.20 00
B Scott (ACT)278816883-4421.00 00
H Kelly (NSW)210612665-4321.00 10
J Chapman (Tas)210215174-3621.57 00
S Chhibber (NSW)4031819593-1921.66 00
LJ Robins (NT)345817584-3121.87 00
GT Bell (Tas)302717783-1922.12 00
MJ Swepson (Qld)3537259113-2723.54 00
JG Pudney (SAus)51021237103-1723.70 00
LP Griffiths (NT)245614462-3724.00 00
JS Hoffman (SAus)5904922-224.50 00
SL Williams (SAus)210412352-2524.60 00
AC Agar (WA)65123302123-2025.16 00
TM Head (SAus)228812652-825.20 00
H Voigt (SAus)186610142-2725.25 00
PW Pisel (NT)7215222-1726.00 00
BJ Webster (Tas)3351218372-3626.14 00
DJ Solway (ACT)3702711-2527.00 00
M Simonds (Tas)286717062-2128.33 00
M Solway (ACT)240314952-1629.80 00
JD Wildermuth (Qld)3201315052-1830.00 00
J Crees (NT)17449332-2431.00 00
PW Ashton (Vic)270515653-5831.20 00
MF Fotia (Vic)3491415952-4831.80 00
D Fuller (NT)8616522-2232.50 00
GA West (ACT)327819862-533.00 00
S Cassel (NSW)300719963-8333.16 00
TM Skelly (NSW)240614442-4536.00 00
TD Andrews (NT)5702427772-1239.57 00
CS Roxby (ACT)18068021-740.00 00
J Cousins (Vic)11428322-3041.50 00
HJ Morton (WA)15128521-1142.50 00
J Weatherald (NT)7214411-2144.00 00
BJ Dwarshuis (NSW)240614032-3246.66 00
JJ Dunning (WA)2941610321-2851.50 00
SE Griffin (Vic)198510521-1252.50 00
MJ Buchanan (Vic)174411121-1855.50 00
JJ Logan (NT)180017032-7256.66 00
SL Kerber (Vic)186412121-2560.50 00
BC Evans (ACT)168314111-26141.00 00
JA McClelland (Qld)3061015211-36152.00 00
PR Carbone (NT)6100    
BR McClintock (ACT)6030    
R Gibson (NSW)6040    
M Labuschagne (Qld)6060    
NT Sale (Qld)24270    
N Hobson (WA)60110    
LJ Edwards (Vic)361180    
MF De Iacovo (NT)300270    
L Shivakumar (ACT)722360    
M Thomas (SAus)300390    
A Meek (ACT)783540    
M McGregor-Cassady (NT)600670    
C Thiel (NT)12001010    
JF Bruun (Qld)11421060    





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