Fielding in MacMillan Cup 2012 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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JA Grainge (GA)4246
D Allinson (Guis)3145
W Brown (Sto)3134
K Forbes (Rich)4134
C Veazey (Mar)2044
DL Grainge (GA)43 3
J Hesp (BC)2123
M Irving (Malt)1033
JA Lowe (Mid)23 3
CA Allinson (Guis)32 2
CJ Batchelor (GA)42 2
CS Buckley (DRA)12 2
G Burgum (BS)1112
M Connolly (Mar)22 2
M Croft (GA)42 2
DMGS Dissanayake (Rich)42 2
B Elsworth (Rich)42 2
LJP Gunaratne (NH)32 2
M Hood (Guis)32 2
ML Layfield (Rich)42 2
B Moses (GA)42 2
DC Mulholland (Dar)22 2
R Murray (Guis)22 2
Nasar Hussain (NH)32 2
RG Nicholson (BA)22 2
GJ Pratt (Rich)22 2
T Reevell (GA)12 2
J Thompson (GA)42 2
BC Usher (BC)22 2
VB Viret (Sto)32 2
WJ Weighell (Sto)12 2
D Aninakwah (Mid)21 1
PJ Armstrong (Dar)21 1
LR Beaumont (NH)31 1
S Bell (DRA)11 1
K Brown (Salt)11 1
M Brown (Red)11 1
D Burns (Thor)11 1
J Coates (Guis)21 1
DO Conway (BA)21 1
MT Cowling (Rich)41 1
AI Ditta (Mid)21 1
J Dobson (Dar)2011
JM Finch (BC)21 1
M Fleming (Rich)31 1
S Hardy (Dar)21 1
RA Hawthorne (Sed)11 1
DA Hendricks (Mar)11 1
EAF Holmes (BS)11 1
E Johnson (Sed)11 1
J Johnston (Hart)1011
M Lambert (BA)11 1
S Lee (Dar)21 1
S Lobb (BS)11 1
M Lower (Dar)21 1
C McGregor (BA)11 1
S Mahmood (Mid)21 1
Mosharraf Hossain (Guis)31 1
C Norminton (Guis)31 1
S Oldfield (BA)21 1
A Oliver (Sto)21 1
CAP Prosser (BC)21 1
T Ramzan (NH)31 1
J Robinson (BA)21 1
S Sedgewick (Sto)31 1
G Sexton (Thor)11 1
G Sowerby (Dar)21 1
I Still (Sto)21 1
A Taylor (Mid)21 1
B Thompson (BA)21 1
B Upton (BC)11 1
AD Weighell (Sto)31 1
D Weighell (Sto)21 1
M Wilkinson (GA)41 1
T Young (Sed)11 1
Zaheer Shahbaz (Mid)21 1





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