Fielding in South Zone Inter State Under-14 Tournament 2012/13 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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D Prasanth Prabhu (TN)4459
S Chaurisia (Hyd)4448
TT Sawkar (Goa)45 5
KK Sai Sandeep (And)14 4
AN Shaji (Ker)3134
T Vamshi Krishna (And)44 4
Y Sandeep (And)43 3
AS Vamshi (Goa)3123
A Bandodkar (Goa)42 2
MA Khutkar (Goa)32 2
S Krishna Prasad (Ker)4112
K Maheep Kumar (And)42 2
A Reddy (Hyd)32 2
V Sibin (Ker)42 2
KS Tarun (And)3112
S Teja (Hyd)42 2
BSS Akhil (And)41 1
S Aniruth (TN)41 1
K Ashish (Hyd)31 1
A Athul (Ker)31 1
KR Fardheen Rafeeque (Ker)41 1
S Ganesh (Ker)41 1
R Jebaraj (TN)41 1
M Leo Sachin (TN)41 1
U Mukilesh (TN)41 1
ID Pandit (Goa)21 1
N Radhakrishnan (TN)21 1
A Reddy (Hyd)11 1
B Revanth (Hyd)41 1
A Scaria (Ker)21 1
V Srivastav (Hyd)21 1
P Surya Charan (And)41 1
V Talaulikar (Goa)21 1





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