Fielding in Lancashire League Lancashire Evening Telegraph Cup 1986 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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D Whitehead (Tod)49 9
MP Bradley (Nel)3617
BA Manning (Rawt)3347
IR Pickles (Nel)33 3
F Singleton (Col)13 3
RJ Tucker (Acc)43 3
KH Barker (Enf)22 2
R Bromley (Low)12 2
BR Fielding (Rams)22 2
M Hartley (Tod)42 2
B Knowles (Has)12 2
GD Lloyd (Acc)42 2
H Lonsdale (Nel)32 2
SMJ Ratcliffe (Rams)12 2
W Rawstron (Acc)42 2
EO Simons (Nel)32 2
D Stanley (Enf)22 2
P Usher (Bac)12 2
A Worsick (Acc)42 2
M Aspin (Acc)41 1
PJ Astin (Low)11 1
PA Barratt (Acc)41 1
P Brown (Burn)11 1
IM Bythell (Nel)31 1
N Chadwick (Rawt)31 1
I Clarkson (Nel)31 1
WW Davis (Rish)11 1
A Gardener (Acc)21 1
MJ Heyes (Chur)11 1
BJ Higgin (Low)11 1
R Law (Burn)11 1
T Little (Col)11 1
D Lloyd (Acc)31 1
PD Marcroft (Has)1011
TA Merrick (Rawt)31 1
IK Osborne (Chur)11 1
P Pickles (Rawt)21 1
J Ramsbottom (Rams)21 1
RJ Ratnayake (Enf)21 1
AE Ross (Tod)41 1
G Schofield (Bac)11 1
CA Smith (EL)11 1
A Stevenson (Acc)31 1
MA Stewart (Rams)21 1
P Swarbrick (Chur)11 1
P Thompson (Bac)11 1
J Townend (Tod)41 1
D Usher (Bac)11 1
M Wilson (Enf)21 1





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