Fielding in Lancashire League Worsley Cup 1933 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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F Dowden (Nel)3617
PS Rennison (EL)2415
WH Hartley (Acc)34 4
A Waite (Rams)3224
H Armistead (Nel)43 3
A Grindrod (Rams)23 3
RG Musson (EL)23 3
R Wade (Has)2123
LN Constantine (Nel)42 2
W Finney (Acc)32 2
J Haworth (Chur)22 2
J Lord (Bac)1112
JA Rimmer (Has)22 2
R Savage (Chur)22 2
F Sproul (Acc)32 2
A Veevers (Low)12 2
JW Ashworth (Has)21 1
AJ Birtwell (Nel)21 1
A Brown (Rams)21 1
J Chadwick (EL)31 1
E Cooper (Bac)11 1
N Coupe (Rawt)11 1
IB Cromb (EL)21 1
F Dawson (EL)11 1
AG Fairfax (Acc)31 1
J Goth (Col)21 1
J Greenwood (Nel)41 1
W Greenwood (Rams)31 1
E Hargreaves (Tod)11 1
G Hargreaves (Rawt)11 1
C Hartley (Nel)21 1
J Hartley (Rams)31 1
SF Hird (Rams)31 1
RAE Hitch (Rawt)11 1
H Holden (Has)21 1
RC Howarth (Rawt)11 1
T Hurney (Bac)11 1
TD Kay (Has)21 1
GT Lavery (EL)21 1
A McIntosh (Rish)11 1
E Mitchell (Tod)11 1
P Nixon (Rish)11 1
J Olive (Rams)31 1
LJ Pickering (EL)31 1
W Place (Rawt)11 1
A Pollard (Nel)41 1
R Roberts (Bac)11 1
EL St Hill (Low)11 1
AG Slater (Col)21 1
A Smith (Acc)11 1
NB Smith (EL)21 1
JW Sunderland (Chur)11 1
J Tyldesley (Enf)11 1
RK Tyldesley (EL)11 1
T Waller (Has)21 1
R Whittaker (Acc)31 1





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