Bowling in Plunket Shield 1920/21 (Ordered by Average)

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CA Snedden (Auck)6424964-18.16 00
ANC Snedden (Auck)2482139155-139.26 20
AWS Brice (Well)3125176137-11213.53 21
DR Garrard (Auck)1601611-1616.00 00
SG Smith (Auck)72014316186-7017.55 20
HM McGirr (Well)17648853-2817.60 00
H Watson (Cant)22469354-7118.60 00
WR Patrick (Cant)4001911-1919.00 00
DM Sandman (Cant)256211964-5219.83 00
AS Player (Auck)65817274136-13921.07 10
EJ Napier (HB)27208533-8528.33 00
RJ Read (Cant)352814453-6928.80 00
RJ Coates (Auck)368418462-3630.66 00
WJ O'Connell (HB)272218055-18036.00 10
D Reese (Cant)8013711-3337.00 00
RC Blunt (Cant)8005111-3851.00 00
GR Stevens (HB)144012822-12864.00 00
JS Hiddleston (Well)11208711-3887.00 00
JN McEwin (Cant)328313811-89138.00 00
DW Reese (Cant)24050    
F Woods (Cant)16150    
HN Lambert (Well)801250    
WS Barclay (Well)400300    
HSW Hindmarsh (HB)560330    
FS Middleton (Well)560410    
A Anthony (Auck)801440    
NR Jacobsen (HB)400450    
JJ O'Brien (HB)720480    





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