Bowling in Halifax Cup 1893 (Ordered by Average)

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WJ Duhring (Ger)301611-66.00 00
HP Baily (Mer)75040263376-317.10 40
AE Newbold (Phil)3002333-147.66 00
JB King (Ti)89436293337-368.87 51
EW Clark (Ger)68032260296-238.96 20
GS Patterson (Ger)69631242266-169.30 30
H Wharton (Phil)7715152-710.20 00
WN Goodwin (Phil)13274142-1510.25 00
WW Noble (Ger)16687273-2910.28 00
GCS Jump (Belm)74930327317-1410.54 20
JW Muir (Belm)63525237227-4310.77 20
HC Townsend (Belm)3011111-611.00 00
EM Cregar (Ti)76331327296-4111.27 20
WTG Bristol (Ti)2216138124-911.50 00
AG Thomson (Mer)36512209185-4311.61 10
HC Coates (Belm)30712147124-1012.25 00
AE Smith (Ti)2715176144-9312.57 00
JEC Morton (Mer)40512202165-5612.62 10
FL Altemus (Belm)28812139115-4112.63 10
JW Sharp (Mer)3631311-1313.00 00
E Norris (Phil)56219287224-3413.04 00
CT Cowperthwait (Phil)58221269197-5714.15 20
WC Lowry (Mer)3902922-2914.50 00
RD Brown (Ger)222710374-1514.71 00
WF Wingate (Ti)4823022-1515.00 00
HI Brown (Ger)65632242166-6215.12 10
TR Swift (Phil)14537142-2417.75 00
F Yarnall (Belm)3601911-1019.00 00
JB Thayer (Mer)3602111-2121.00 00
S Welsh (Phil)3121015372-2521.85 00
A Borie (Phil)182411653-2523.20 00
AM Wood (Belm)4802811-628.00 00
CW Watson (Belm)4813111-2431.00 00
FE Brewster (Ger)5423311-2733.00 00
WE Bates (Mer)10845511-1955.00 00
JB Graff (Belm)12120    
HH Brown (Belm)24140    
RH Bolling (Phil)9050    
AH Harris (Phil)6080    
WJ Wood (Phil)18080    
ET Comfort (Ger)24080    
MO Phillips (Ti)18180    
HC Thayer (Mer)18080    
JA Janney (Phil)120120    
FH Bates (Ti)180150    
WT Wright (Mer)302190    
RE Griscom (Mer)240230    
EC Lewis (Mer)240230    
JH Patterson (Phil)240280    
W Scott (Belm)541290    
CS Farnum (Mer)300320    
N Etting (Mer)420440    
AP Morris (Mer)1020500    
HF Paul (Mer)962530    





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