Fielding in Halifax Cup 1895 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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FW Ralston (Ger)8819
AM Wood (Belm)79 9
WN Morice (Mer)67 7
WF Wingate (Ti)77 7
HW Helmbold (Ti)7516
JB King (Ti)76 6
WC Weidersheim (Belm)7426
EW Clark (Ger)85 5
EM Cregar (Ti)75 5
SP Levis (Ti)65 5
HI Brown (Ger)84 4
JP Hood (Phil)84 4
WW Noble (Ger)84 4
E Norris (Phil)84 4
GS Patterson (Ger)84 4
TR Reaney (Belm)74 4
W Thayer (Mer)6314
FL Altemus (Belm)73 3
FH Bates (Ti)63 3
FH Bohlen (Ger)83 3
J Cauffman (Phil)33 3
CT Cowperthwait (Phil)43 3
RW Krause (Ti)73 3
RK McCall (Belm)63 3
JH Patterson (Phil)53 3
HC Thayer (Mer)63 3
JB Thayer (Mer)53 3
AH Brockie (Ger)32 2
GG Brooke (Mer)62 2
JS Clark (Phil)8112
PH Clark (Ger)42 2
HC Coates (Belm)72 2
TH Dixon (Phil)32 2
E Eastwood (Ti)62 2
JB Graff (Belm)72 2
JH Mason (Phil)82 2
HW Middleton (Ger)42 2
AP Morris (Mer)32 2
FB Muhlenberg (Belm)32 2
JW Muir (Belm)72 2
JW Sharp (Mer)62 2
H Wharton (Phil)42 2
FR Yarnall (Belm)52 2
L Biddle (Phil)11 1
WL Cauffman (Phil)41 1
WW Foulkrod (Ti)51 1
S Goodman (Phil)81 1
GS Jump (Belm)71 1
AT Leser (Ti)11 1
AV Morton (Mer)41 1
JEC Morton (Mer)11 1
CS Patterson (Phil)21 1
ET Price (Phil)31 1
HC Townsend (Belm)21 1





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