Bowling in Halifax Cup 1900 (Ordered by Average)

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CP Hurditch (Belm)70222-21.00 00
RH Patton (Mer)3779175237-237.60 10
FA Evans (Phil)120811-88.00 00
J Wayne (Ger)10615464-219.00 00
WH Sayen (Mer)51317235266-159.03 20
FA Greene (Ger)62015272288-589.71 30
AP Morris (Mer)114441525537-119.90 51
JB King (Belm)146745734708-3110.48 80
SR Earl (Mer)3102121-810.50 00
WH George (Ger)10206353-2712.60 00
PH Clark (Ger)179971886698-5712.84 90
JL Patterson (Phil)3147160126-5213.33 10
HR Cartwright (Phil)14428062-1513.33 00
S Welsh (Phil)56511335245-3313.95 10
FE Brewster (Ger)224212994-2114.33 00
TR Reaney (Belm)7234332-1314.33 00
EP Bissell (Ger)88921493346-3914.50 40
WN Morice (Mer)4287238165-3514.87 10
GR White (Ger)7343022-1215.00 00
HC Townsend (Mer)31811231155-4315.40 10
JH Morice (Mer)5204833-2216.00 00
FH Bates (Ger)168211373-3016.14 00
HL Clark (Phil)210415194-3716.77 00
CM Harris (Phil)9628654-1917.20 00
EM Cregar (Belm)141448795466-3017.28 50
JN Henry (Ger)47212280164-917.50 00
FH Bohlen (Ger)7217044-7017.50 00
WP Newhall (Ger)7223522-2017.50 00
E Norris (Phil)69618366208-3418.30 10
SW Morris (Mer)18059453-3018.80 00
GB Robinson (Ger)330717096-4018.88 10
L Martin (Ger)172213873-2619.71 00
SH Carpenter (Ger)10226133-6120.33 00
JW Muir (Mer)60623329164-3620.56 00
SG Climenson (Phil)143929767377-4720.72 30
GG Brooke (Mer)11418443-6021.00 00
F Moorhead (Phil)6614422-4422.00 00
DH Adams (Mer)44114227105-3422.70 10
EB Watson (Belm)6014721-923.50 00
RD Brown (Ger)12637132-3923.66 00
DO Hales (Belm)314621892-2424.22 00
LW de Motte (Mer)9024922-4924.50 00
JEC Morton (Ger)79826404165-2425.25 10
HP Statzell (Belm)186113352-2026.60 00
H Wharton (Phil)169213653-4227.20 00
HW Middleton (Ger)326719872-328.28 00
WE Goodman (Phil)6015721-1228.50 00
WF Keenan (Belm)9029132-3630.33 00
EH Rodgers (Phil)368731393-2834.77 00
AG Scattergood (Phil)12027121-935.50 00
RL Perot (Ger)6003611-3636.00 00
D Graham (Belm)3623711-3737.00 00
FG Pearson (Ger)156611332-2137.66 00
WL Cauffman (Ger)9007922-1739.50 00
WL Barclay (Phil)9004511-4545.00 00
S Goodman (Phil)331619342-4248.25 00
FL Altemus (Belm)192910021-150.00 00
WP O'Neill (Ger)10115111-2651.00 00
CR Hinchman (Belm)6005611-2156.00 00
W Graham (Belm)8806511-5565.00 00
AM Wood (Belm)8417411-2474.00 00
FP Morgan (Belm)10427611-176.00 00
HC Coates (Belm)10328511-7185.00 00
FC Sharpless (Mer)6020    
L Biddle (Phil)60100    
WW Noble (Ger)240140    
HA Haines (Mer)240200    
JM Stewart (Phil)181200    
GS Patterson (Ger)300220    
AG Priestman (Ger)120220    
CS Newhall (Ger)120230    
AJ Henry (Ger)361260    
JH Mason (Phil)120300    
S Young (Phil)300300    
AW Jones (Ger)964370    





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