Bowling in Halifax Cup 1902 (Ordered by Average)

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HA Haines (Mer)7232563-44.16 00
GR White (GerA)13736284-297.75 00
JM Stewart (Phil)121911-99.00 00
JB King (Belm)109339564527-3510.84 51
FE Brewster (GerB)8826962-811.50 00
JN Henry (GerB)5032322-1011.50 00
GT Rowland (Phil)4202622-2613.00 00
S Welsh (Phil)10024132-313.66 00
AP Morris (Mer)75019417307-8413.90 20
FH Bates (GerA,GerB)33710195145-3513.92 10
HP Baily (Mer)75139342246-4314.25 30
RH Patton (Mer)38111215153-714.33 00
FC Sharpless (Mer)325813193-2814.55 00
PH Clark (GerB)103324556386-6914.63 40
EM Cregar (Belm)77720464315-3014.96 10
WP O'Neill (GerA)2793186116-1816.90 10
PN LeRoy (Phil)48910342205-4817.10 10
SG Climenson (Phil)5469325185-8218.05 10
AW Jones (GerA)152510963-3318.16 00
JEC Morton (GerB)76821438245-3318.25 30
WH George (GerA,GerB)15657642-2819.00 00
FL Altemus (Belm)226913974-1919.85 00
EP Bissell (GerA,GerB)9016231-720.66 00
WD Banes (GerA,GerB)5904221-1621.00 00
E Norris (Phil)194413764-4922.83 00
JL Patterson (Phil)143311553-3223.00 00
GS Patterson (GerB)217613963-2323.16 00
WP Newhall (GerA)252616872-3624.00 00
FA Greene (GerA)106221605244-4925.20 00
JA Lester (Mer)8315321-1626.50 00
HW Middleton (GerA,GerB)180610842-5827.00 00
S Goodman (Phil)4445348125-8629.00 10
FG Pearson (GerA,GerB)13239132-5030.33 00
AH Haines (Phil)3003211-1632.00 00
NZ Graves (GerA)269519662-1132.66 00
RL Pearson (GerA)12326922-1434.50 00
W Graham (Belm)438332994-11836.55 00
D Graham (Belm)6623711-3037.00 00
GB Robinson (GerA,GerB)13267622-038.00 00
GG Brooke (Mer)3604111-3841.00 00
JH Mason (Phil)5004411-844.00 00
WN Morice (Mer)15939021-345.00 00
CS Newhall (GerA)4805211-5252.00 00
HH Brown (Phil)6050    
WS Hinchman (Mer)12050    
FS White (GerA,GerB)6060    
HC Townsend (Mer)18070    
TC Jordan (GerA,GerB)6070    
SW Morris (Mer)12070    
WE Goodman (Phil)120110    
WF Keenan (Belm)120110    
DH Adams (Mer)241120    
WB Hughes (Belm)121150    
ES Hare (Mer)120150    
AM Wood (Belm)300160    
RD Brown (GerB)360190    
HC Coates (Belm)120200    
CP Hurditch (Belm)240290    
WF Keenan (Belm)480440    
WL Cauffman (GerA)960570    





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