Bowling in Halifax Cup 1911 (Ordered by Average)

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JB King (Belm)8315441507-238.82 50
PH Clark (Ger)7156315339-309.54 20
FA Greene (Ger)6757282266-1210.84 20
JB Clement (Mer)6002322-2311.50 00
E Hopkinson (Phil)4011211-1212.00 00
WN Morice (Mer)1740130103-2213.00 00
HG Pearce (Mer)6504374287-2213.35 20
L Lee (Mer)5348306215-3714.57 10
RL Melville (Belm)2531146104-714.60 00
PN LeRoy (Phil)160011984-4514.87 00
HW Seckel (Moor)2011511-015.00 00
CB Hawley (Phil)1001511-1515.00 00
JR Vetterlein (Mer)4421325217-5015.47 20
HR Cartwright (Phil)3100176113-1616.00 00
RO Sheridan (Phil)3003222-3216.00 00
W Graham (Belm)6380435266-5016.73 10
AG Priestman (Ger)4323206124-2417.16 00
AC Wood (Moor)233213982-1617.37 00
WW Justice (Phil)7210381214-2118.14 00
AJ Henry (Phil)287214684-4618.25 00
FC Sharpless (Mer)180112875-4518.28 10
ER Maule (Moor)2001911-1919.00 00
AN Goodfellow (Ger)4002230124-8719.16 00
WP O'Neill (Ger)12007742-2419.25 00
HW Middleton (Phil)6845312166-6319.50 10
WM Fellows (Fr)7601527277-7419.51 20
A Boddington (Moor)10871794407-5019.85 40
JW Nicholson (Moor)10008642-2221.50 00
WS Evans (Fr)137111253-922.40 00
WD Hartshorne (Moor)3700270125-4322.50 10
SA Willets (Moor)210013564-3822.50 00
RG Hare (Mer)6004522-3022.50 00
SW Mifflin (Mer)180011354-1822.60 00
FC Stokes (Moor)6004622-4623.00 00
JJM McDonogh (Phil)380320683-2725.75 00
SH Hart (Fr)3360268104-5126.80 00
SE Stokes (Moor)6005422-4027.00 00
HA Furness (Moor)4250353135-5827.15 10
FB Harris (Phil)10002911-329.00 00
R Waad (Fr)7723500173-1729.41 00
NG Ducker (Belm)200112242-7130.50 00
WA Allison (Belm)12029532-4231.66 00
AS Valentine (Phil)343217552-2435.00 00
RW Hilles (Fr)7003711-2437.00 00
WW Foulkrod (Fr)426126073-8137.14 00
FH Tripp (Ger)9009722-8448.50 00
RP Anderson (Ger)6105711-2357.00 00
TF Dixon (Phil)200100    
JW Muir (Phil)300120    
M Harris (Phil)300140    
FS White (Ger)100200    
VA Sartori (Moor)400410    
B Saddington (Fr)800880    





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