Bowling in Halifax Cup 1912 (Ordered by Average)

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ES Hare (Mer)180655-61.20 10
JH Savage (Ger)6002166-213.50 10
PH Clark (Ger)6154285387-97.50 50
RL Melville (Belm)5352347378-249.37 30
FH Tripp (Ger)5003844-209.50 00
E Hopkinson (Phil)10016163-1610.16 00
EM Mann (Ger)3151157156-2710.46 20
HN Heulings (Moor)13016364-3010.50 00
CJB Dixon (Phil)12404243-2510.50 00
AJ Boddington (Moor)5900322295-2711.10 30
GF Bottomley (Belm)7005654-4611.20 00
JB King (Belm)6972453407-1611.32 30
WP O'Neill (Ger)6362331296-3411.41 20
EL Phillips (Moor)4371277246-2511.54 20
HA Furness (Moor)1760120103-5012.00 00
JW Potts (Fr)10217464-3612.33 00
HG Pearce (Mer)224210986-7013.62 10
FC Sharpless (Mer)2092154114-4214.00 00
W Graham (Belm)3582231164-1314.43 00
R Waad (Fr)8743605418-2814.75 50
WM Fellows (Fr)6633431298-2414.86 10
R Lee (Mer)4003022-3015.00 00
ER Maule (Moor)170112584-215.62 00
JB Clement (Mer)3582188126-3315.66 10
AS Valentine (Phil)5400307196-4816.15 20
RH Patton (Mer)12718254-4716.40 00
FB Harris (Phil)3001711-1417.00 00
WN Morice (Mer)110114183-7517.62 00
WW Justice (Phil)160012574-2317.85 00
L Lee (Mer)5817279155-1818.60 10
HW Middleton (Phil)6891384206-7219.20 20
WE Jones (Fr)8209755-8119.40 10
EM Cregar (Phil)7004022-4020.00 00
SW Mifflin (Mer)10014322-1021.50 00
HR Cartwright (Phil)14009141-1422.75 00
WC Lowry (Mer)5004722-4723.50 00
AJ Henry (Phil)4290308134-2923.69 00
AC Wood (Moor)11007431-1324.66 00
RW Hilles (Fr)3002611-2626.00 00
TF Dixon (Phil)7005622-2828.00 00
JR Vetterlein (Mer)4720343123-7228.58 00
JW Muir (Phil)7013311-633.00 00
PN LeRoy (Phil)330024673-6535.14 00
FA Greene (Ger)155010932-4736.33 00
WW Foulkrod (Fr)110013233-7444.00 00
M Harris (Phil)6404511-745.00 00
WC Brinton (Fr)13019122-3045.50 00
SE Stokes (Moor)11009221-2146.00 00
M Duncan (Phil)11009421-947.00 00
HB Baily (Fr)10009211-4192.00 00
A Waad (Fr)10070    
CB Hawley (Phil)20090    
AG Singer (Fr)10090    
AG Priestman (Ger)100130    
WA Allison (Belm)200130    
CC Morris (Mer)250140    
JK Garriques (Mer)300140    
A Hunter (Phil)300200    
NG Ducker (Belm)200200    
WD Hartshorne (Moor)600200    
SA Willets (Moor)301210    
GW Henry (Fr)200230    
WS Evans (Fr)200350    





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