Fielding in Halifax Cup 1914 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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RP Anderson (Ger)810 10
CH Winter (Fr)85510
JP Dornan (Phil)8729
CC Callaghan (Mer)6628
PH Clark (Ger)67 7
TC Jordan (Ger)6426
JB King (Phil)86 6
HB Baily (Fr)85 5
GF Bottomley (Moor)85 5
FA Greene (Ger)85 5
PN LeRoy (Phil)85 5
RL Melville (Mer)85 5
HP Austin (Ger)84 4
EM Mann (Ger)84 4
WP O'Neill (Ger)84 4
JR Vetterlein (Mer)84 4
G Bennett (Fr)83 3
HR Cartwright (Phil)23 3
EM Cregar (Phil)73 3
M Duncan (Phil)53 3
JL Evans (Mer)83 3
JH Gordon (Mer)63 3
A Lee (Mer)73 3
R Lee (Mer)73 3
JH Mason (Phil)83 3
RL Pearson (Ger)53 3
AG Scattergood (Phil)53 3
TK Sharpless (Moor)83 3
R Waad (Fr)73 3
CJ Allen (Moor)42 2
RA Brooking (Moor)82 2
TF Dixon (Phil)72 2
SH Hart (Fr)82 2
AJ Henry (Phil)72 2
GW Henry (Fr)72 2
ER Maule (Moor)62 2
HW Middleton (Phil)82 2
JW Muir (Phil)62 2
JS Stokes (Moor)72 2
HG Taylor (Moor)5112
AL Castle (Mer)11 1
JS Dixon (Fr)31 1
L Dixon (Fr)21 1
WN Gardiner (Moor)11 1
HW Goodall (Phil)11 1
WE Goodman (Phil)31 1
HS Harned (Ger)71 1
E Hopkinson (Phil)21 1
L Lee (Mer)81 1
HZ Maxwell (Ger)61 1
WN Morice (Mer)31 1
WP Newhall (Ger)61 1
WH Roberts (Moor)61 1
B Saddington (Fr)81 1
AG Singer (Fr)81 1
JR Stewart (Ger)31 1
SE Stokes (Moor)21 1





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