Bowling in Halifax Cup 1915 (Ordered by Average)

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AE Bartlett (NYM)8003344-218.25 00
JL Poyer (NYM)3531195173-1411.47 00
FA Greene (Ger)7738329287-2311.75 20
HW Middleton (Phil)4791224194-2311.78 00
AG Priestman (Ger)8505143-1412.75 00
EM Mann (Ger)8376333255-2313.32 20
JH Briggs (NYM)8756420317-6213.54 40
G Bennett (Fr)138911610457-5713.55 52
HHL Kortlang (NYM)4002822-1714.00 00
WL Cauffman (Ger)2001411-1414.00 00
WP O'Neill (Ger)7606293206-3214.65 20
LR Miller (NYM)6003022-3015.00 00
LP Comacho (NYM)3001511-1515.00 00
AJ Henry (Fr)162113893-4715.33 00
FH Tripp (Phil)6822451296-3215.55 30
JB King (Phil)3903187124-5015.58 00
HR Cartwright (Phil)3003222-3216.00 00
RM Gummere (Mer)11007043-5017.50 00
E Hopkinson (Phil)6003622-3618.00 00
RL Melville (Mer)8824468255-3518.72 30
WP Newhall (Ger)270412363-2120.50 00
HW Goodall (Phil)4340293143-1620.92 00
JM Crosman (Mer)3002111-2121.00 00
HBH Boyce (NYM)13008643-3821.50 00
R Waad (Fr)7011460216-5921.90 10
GF Bottomley (Fr)5402352164-8622.00 00
JR Vetterlein (Mer)6692428174-3725.17 00
TR Pierpoint (Mer)9005122-5125.50 00
CC Morris (Mer)5005222-2526.00 00
PH Clark (Ger)440422182-2727.62 00
JW Muir (Phil)327214352-2228.60 00
AW Hoskings (NYM)160111543-6328.75 00
JK Garrigues (Mer)14029433-2931.33 00
HG Pearce (Mer)360122573-7132.14 00
SW Mifflin (Mer)6493357113-5932.45 00
CA Hoyle (NYM)15007222-4936.00 00
LW Staughton (NYM)310119354-4338.60 00
AL Castle (Mer)13008222-6941.00 00
A Lee (Mer)13008322-2241.50 00
EG Hull (NYM)14018322-1941.50 00
W Graham (Phil)9004211-4242.00 00
PN LeRoy (Phil)5404811-4248.00 00
JP Morris (Mer)160110221-1851.00 00
RP Anderson (Ger)21029111-1691.00 00
WW Foulkrod (Fr)130010611-38106.00 00
SH Hart (Fr)160013111-14131.00 00
WN Morice (Fr)300140    
JB Thayer (Mer)300170    
R Lee (Mer)200220    
EM Cregar (Phil)400320    





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