Bowling in Halifax Cup 1921 (Ordered by Average)

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H Marshall (Ger)7013543-148.75 00
WR Clothier (Ger)4051219226-309.95 30
SL Robinson (Phil)6613233-3210.66 00
WP Newhall (Ger)7703533-1511.66 00
WS Evans (Fr)12006453-1512.80 00
EM Mann (Ger)4807192146-4813.71 10
JH Savage (Ger)3940238174-2014.00 00
B Saddington (Fr)15108464-2814.00 00
JK Garrigues (Mer)3650227166-6714.18 10
GF Bottomley (Fr)5822347246-3414.45 30
E Hopkinson (Phil)5015222154-3014.80 00
AL Castle (Mer)3001178126-7814.83 20
LR Miller (MF)6061367225-2616.68 30
R Waad (Fr)8403455276-7016.85 20
CC Morris (Mer)12807043-2017.50 00
RP Anderson (Fr)233111063-6718.33 00
HR Cartwright (Phil)200111063-2618.33 00
JS Ellison (Phil)3403721-118.50 00
WP O'Neill (Ger)6955265146-2518.92 20
SW Mifflin (Mer)6346325176-3819.11 20
FA Greene (Ger)5012011-2020.00 00
G Daugherty (Phil)11808343-1320.75 00
WB Hughes (Mer)4891254123-4321.16 00
JH Briggs (MF)5643321155-5221.40 10
EH van Pelt (Phil)3701268114-1724.36 00
GT Hawley (Phil)170012353-4224.60 00
FC Taylor (MF)335019884-6424.75 00
CG Woolley (Phil)370221183-3526.37 00
WM Fellows (Phil)6654448166-8628.00 10
SEB Southern (MF)5201305103-6230.50 00
WT Long (Fr)190112443-3531.00 00
EG Hull (MF)9809433-1531.33 00
JM Crosman (Mer)285115753-3431.40 00
SH Hart (Fr)210114542-6036.25 00
GW Hayman (MF)160110321-2951.50 00
G Ormsby (MF)5005311-2353.00 00
W Graham (Phil)11005511-2055.00 00
FA Henry (Phil)150013611-25136.00 00
GD Beard (Ger)10020    
AJ Tattersdell (MF)10030    
HW Middleton (Ger)20090    
JE Green (Phil)401100    
AJ Michaels (MF)200110    
RH Southern (MF)200120    
CH Thompson (Fr)320250    
W Norris (Phil)200260    
JB Thayer (Mer)300310    
JS Dixon (Fr)300370    





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