Fielding in Halifax Cup 1921 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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CC Morris (Mer)711 11
JP Irons (MF)5448
HK Kurtz (Phil)8617
R Waad (Fr)87 7
RP Anderson (Fr)66 6
JM Crosman (Mer)86 6
SW Mifflin (Mer)86 6
B Saddington (Fr)8516
JT Why (Ger)8426
WR Clothier (Ger)85 5
HA Haines (Ger)75 5
JRL Wray (Phil)45 5
JH Briggs (MF)74 4
EN Crosman (Mer)6314
GT Hawley (Phil)84 4
FA Henry (Phil)54 4
WT Long (Fr)64 4
LR Miller (MF)74 4
WP O'Neill (Ger)74 4
CH Winter (Fr)7314
GF Bottomley (Fr)73 3
G Daugherty (Phil)33 3
WW Foulkrod (Fr)83 3
FG Hales (MF)5213
HZ Maxwell (Ger)63 3
FC Taylor (MF)83 3
CG Woolley (Phil)73 3
JS Bretz (MF)62 2
AL Castle (Mer)72 2
LR Coffin (Ger)22 2
R Comacho (MF)32 2
JL Evans (Mer)82 2
WM Fellows (Phil)72 2
CM Graham (Ger)82 2
AG Hare (Mer)72 2
SH Hart (Fr)72 2
AJ Michaels (MF)32 2
HW Middleton (Ger)42 2
JH Savage (Ger)82 2
AJ Tattersdell (MF)22 2
JB Thayer (Mer)52 2
EH van Pelt (Phil)62 2
GD Beard (Ger)11 1
HR Cartwright (Phil)41 1
CG Cox (Fr)21 1
TR Currie (Fr)81 1
SL Deane (MF)71 1
JS Dixon (Fr)61 1
JS Ellison (Phil)41 1
WS Evans (Fr)81 1
GH Fellows (Phil)21 1
JK Garrigues (Mer)41 1
HS Harned (Ger)81 1
GW Hayman (MF)61 1
E Hopkinson (Phil)81 1
WB Hughes (Mer)71 1
R Lee (Mer)51 1
JP Magill (Mer)41 1
EM Mann (Ger)51 1
WP Newhall (Ger)81 1
JK Strubing (Phil)11 1
FH Taylor (Phil)11 1
CH Thompson (Fr)31 1
EE Trout (Mer)11 1





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