Bowling in Halifax Cup 1924 (Ordered by Average)

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CW Bowring (WB)00722-73.50 00
TM Logan (Phil)0075137-145.76 10
FH Taylor (WB)8006387-297.87 10
WP O'Neill (Ger)1000277306-299.23 10
LW de Motte (WB)2102350367-389.72 50
GW Cupitt (Ger)300236248-559.83 20
AS Durrant (WB)001111-1111.00 00
AL Castle (Mer)550199185-4311.05 20
EH Thorp (Mer)30011195-4012.33 10
CAF Dewhurst (WB)762199156-2313.26 10
R Waad (Fr)1702157117-3114.27 10
PH Clark (Ger)5815844-1714.50 00
GF Bottomley (Fr)1400239166-1814.93 10
JJ Babb (Mer)3001511-1515.00 00
LV Thomas (Mer)4104733-2515.66 00
JB Clement (Mer)6008455-2916.80 10
FA Greene (Ger)0011875-3216.85 10
CC Morris (Mer)0010764-2717.83 00
EM Mann (Mer)0017096-6218.88 10
WC Baber (WB)007844-2119.50 00
JM Crosman (Mer)80017994-2719.88 00
WS Adams (Fr)002011-2020.00 00
B Saddington (Fr)008243-4120.50 00
WT Long (Fr)500249124-13720.75 00
WL Jardine (WB)006333-6321.00 00
FC Taylor (Phil)004621-123.00 00
JW Potts (Phil)2004621-623.00 00
AG Laurie (WB)5007532-1725.00 00
W Norris (Phil)0022994-14625.44 00
E Hopkinson (Phil)400357144-5025.50 00
SH Hart (Fr)10016264-4927.00 00
WS Evans (Fr)002711-2027.00 00
WP Newhall (Ger)4002811-1228.00 00
JH Savage (Ger)60019772-3428.14 00
CG Woolley (Phil)50024383-8630.37 00
SW Mifflin (Mer)120025373-6236.14 00
W Graham (Phil)60133593-2537.22 00
MC Haines (Phil)0010021-3050.00 00
EH Swingler (Fr)2007711-1477.00 00
HA Haines (Ger)00110    
R Lee (Mer)00130    
A Waad (Fr)110260    
JS Ellison (Phil)00280    
C Plummer (Phil)00370    





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