Bowling in Hawke Cup 2000/01 (Ordered by Average)

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NRJ Aldridge (BP)14176774-509.57 00
MG Orchard (Ham)7852622-2613.00 00
PR Whitaker (HB)3181910873-1715.42 00
SGJ Murphy (CC)17486544-6516.25 00
BJ Winslade (Ham)287714796-8316.33 10
SA Findlay (HB)4851811-1818.00 00
BM Absolom (HB)276913773-4619.57 00
BP Martin (Ham)4922718895-7220.88 10
LJ Hammond (BP)15696333-6321.00 00
CO Findlay (HB)9634421-1022.00 00
SR George (CC)13217033-7023.33 00
R Lawrence (HB)8534722-1423.50 00
SL Andrews (Ham)3841816973-3124.14 00
CP Fraser (HB)192410643-5826.50 00
DJ Bulman (CC)191165422-5427.00 00
GW Aldridge (BP)168411142-3227.75 00
GG Robinson (Ham)10292811-2028.00 00
TP Robin (HB)4141720173-6728.71 00
GH Donne (BP)9053511-2835.00 00
BP Donkers (CC)7834811-4848.00 00
JG Hatwell (Ham)261912222-2061.00 00
HTG James (CC)6020    
JE Lusk (HB)6040    
RB Kinnear (HB)160110    
GD Manners (BP)423120    
MN Hart (BP)783230    
WAS Silva (HB)543240    
T Morrison (BP)350250    
PG Fulton (CC)361350    
GM Lewis (CC)482400    
DM Barclay (CC)420430    
A Somani (Ham)1142500    





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