Bowling in Rothmans Under-23 Tournament 1972/73 (Ordered by Player)

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DJ Alpe (CD)009622-3448.00 00
DA Amadio (CD)0016574-7623.57 00
CMH Atkinson (Auck)0050    
P Barnes (ND)008731-1629.00 00
RD Blair (Ot)0010432-2534.66 00
SL Boock (Ot)0026093-7528.88 00
LT Boswell (ND)0092113-138.36 00
DJ Brady (Ot)0080    
IS Brooks (ND)00210    
JW Calder (Cant)0012442-3431.00 00
SB Cater (Well)00247124-6620.58 00
EJ Chatfield (Well)880207145-3914.78 10
TE Cockburn (Cant)0011883-1014.75 00
JV Coney (Well)009752-2219.40 00
RD Cox (Well)007232-1424.00 00
PG D'Auvergne (Cant)009233-2930.66 00
CW Dickeson (ND)00140    
MM Duffy (Ot)00143145-4910.21 10
LRJ Eckhoff (Ot)007422-2237.00 00
DM Finlay (Auck)0010895-2712.00 10
RW Fulton (Cant)001050    
DJ Gatenby (Cant)00262155-6217.46 20
EK Gillott (ND)1200129145-249.21 10
JP Greenwood (Well)009731-1432.33 00
F Hill (CD)0021352-5442.60 00
GP Howarth (Auck)00127103-2412.70 00
CT Jacobsen (Well)0070    
WG Lawrie (ND)00200    
PE McEwan (Cant)004011-940.00 00
BJ McKechnie (Ot)0011852-423.60 00
NF Maclaine (CD)0021694-3724.00 00
D Morrison (ND)0000    
PD Morrison (Auck)0016773-4823.85 00
RM Pickard (Auck)0010621-3953.00 00
RA Pierce (CD)192011285-8014.00 10
WA Pollock (CD)0080    
A Puna (ND)0011964-5919.83 00
EGC Ritchie (Cant)002011-2020.00 00
KA Robinson (Auck)0015573-4522.14 00
AW Short (CD)0020673-3729.42 00
NJC Smith (Well)0019462-4532.33 00
IR Snook (CD)0015564-4825.83 00
RJ Sowden (Cant)007995-428.77 10
MJ Talbot (Ot)00210    
GB Thomson (Ot)0012743-2431.75 00
GB Troup (Auck)00136104-1913.60 00
DJ Watson (Ot)002121-810.50 00
CA Webb (ND)0000    
PH Whitcombe (Auck)001211-1212.00 00
GJ Williams (Ot)003244-328.00 00
JR Wiltshire (Auck)0020    





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